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Tonebenders Podcast

Tonebenders Podcast

Tonebenders is a Sound Design podcast dedicated to covering the worlds of sound editing, field recording and audio post production for film, television and gaming. Through interviews and experiments we delve into everything from foley to plugins. Check us out at

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  • Tonebenders Podcast podcast

    176 - Recording & Designing Underwater Sounds Roundtable


    We are joined by Barry Donelly, Kristen Quinn, Benoît Marsalone and Arnaud Noble to talk about recording and designing sounds for underwater scenes in films and games. We discuss our favourite underwater recording sessions, what works and doesn't work with hydrophones and when it is best to fake it with water sounds recorded with normal microphones. See Show Notes and full Bios at
  • Tonebenders Podcast podcast

    175 - Returnal With Loic Couthier & Toivo Kallio


    Guest host Mark Kilborn sits down with Loic Couthier & Toivo Kallio, to talk about their sound work on the new PS5 game, Returnal. The Game is a sci-fi third person shooter, based on time loops happening within a shape shifting planet. The game really takes advantage of the new sound capabilities on latest playstation console, especially 3d audio. Show Notes: Podcast Homepage:
  • Tonebenders Podcast podcast

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  • Tonebenders Podcast podcast

    174 - The Sound of Fathom with Brad Engleking


    Brad Engleking tells us about working on the sound for the amazing documentary, Fathom. The film is about scientists that are recording humpback whale calls and trying to decipher their language. Fathom features some of the most beautiful whale recordings ever captured.
  • Tonebenders Podcast podcast

    173 - Ted Lasso with Bernard Weiser and Brent Findley


    In this episode we talk to Emmy nominated co-supervising sound editors Bernard Weiser and Brent Findley, from the hit series Ted Lasso. They do a deep dive on how they built a massive stadium full of fans chanting "Wanker" from a small loop group for source. They also discuss the rapid evolution of the ADR process in pandemic times, having now done two seasons under various levels of lockdowns. Some things they hope stay going forward and others that they can do without.
  • Tonebenders Podcast podcast

    172 - The Sound Of Free Guy


    In this episode we talk with Craig Henighan (Supervising Sound Editor/SFX Re-Recording Mixer), Paul Massey (Dial/Music Re-Recording Mixer) and Ryan Cole (Dialog Supervisor) from the Shawn Levy directed film, Free Guy. We talk about finding sonic space for dialog when total chaos is happening on screen, dealing with visual effects changing with each new delivery and ADR during a pandemic.
  • Tonebenders Podcast podcast

    171 - Billie Eilish The World's A Little Blurry


    In this episode we talk with the team behind the music documentary Billie Eilish: The World's A Little Blurry. Joining us are director RJ Cutler and members of the sound team including re-recording mixers Elmo Ponsdomenech & Jason "Frenchie" Gaya as well as Supervising Sound Editor Richard E. Yawn. They talk about the challenges of having source footage originally recorded on everything from VHS to iPhones, mixing music for concert footage and keeping Billie's home life sounding intimate.
  • Tonebenders Podcast podcast

    170 - Nine Days With Mac Smith & Brandon Proctor


    In this episode we talk with Supervising Sound Editor Mac Smith and Re-Recording Mixer Brandon Proctor, from the new film Nine Days. They tell us how they created the sound for a story that takes place on another plane of existence and yet is entirely recognizable. The film centres on a wall of TVs that that needs sound to lead the viewers to what is (and isn't) important to the story.
  • Tonebenders Podcast podcast

    169 - Building a Backyard Studio Roundtable


    Al Sirkett and Lucy Mitchell tell us about their experiences building new stand alone studio spaces in their backyards. They tell us everything they learned, what they would do different, and how much it has changed their lives.
  • Tonebenders Podcast podcast

    168 - WandaVision


    In this episode we are joined by the sound team from the hit Disney Plus series WandaVision. Gwendolyn Yates Whittle and Kim Foscato (Co-Supervising Sound Editors) as well as Danielle Dupre (Re-Recording Mixer) tell us about the immense pressure to complete the series to match Marvel's cinematic standards while working under pandemic restrictions. The also discuss how co-supervisors share the work load, creating sounds knowing they will become cannon and the workflow of processing White Vision's voice.
  • Tonebenders Podcast podcast

    167 - Putting Tropes To Rest


    Way back in January, the great Mark Mangini penned a little blog post outlining some audio tropes that he was hoping to put to rest. That post inspired some slack threads, facebook posts, and a good general discussion about how we can be more original and creative when tasked with designing sounds and situations that can have quick and easy answers. In this not-so-serious conversation Mark gets together with Tim, Teresa and René to break down some tropes, spell out some reasons for going there anyway, and maybe…just maybe…we retire the now infamous Wilhelm.

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