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Imagine how your life would be transformed if you could get 1% better every day. Every Sunday since 2017, your host Joe Ferraro (@FerraroOnAir) releases a new episode designed to help you improve your mindset, language, and behavior.

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    Ep. 201: No One Is Seeing Your Content


    This week's episode comes from a damn good conversation with Ross Simmonds. He absolutely blew my mind. The full conversation will be available in a few weeks, but today I am sharing one of the very best sections.  In this clip, Ross explains two things with incredible detail: Why it is so important to share our content         Hint: It's not what you think     2. How to distribute any content to get the most out of it I cannot wait to hear what you got from this episode. Email me  and let me know. Here are the links mentioned on the show: The best voice over artist in the world My Twitter Home 5 ways to have a better conversation Check out the course trailer Interested in personal coaching? As always, thanks for listening! --Joe 
  • The One Percent Better Podcast podcast

    Ep. 200: Molly Fletcher 1% Better Energy


    Thanks to each and every listener who helped this podcast reach Episode 200.  If this is your first time here, you've missed some damn good conversations, but welcome. Plenty of time to catch up. I am so glad you have carved out the time to be here. Regular listeners ... I love you! I might have showed up week after week even if no one was listening, but I sure as heck don't want to find out. If I can ever help you, email me. Here's the link to thank the man who gave the final push this podcast a reality. Swing by and say what's up?! HERE'S the Damn Good Questions Course Finally, here's the place to connect with Molly. Type in the coupon code BETTER to get a sweet discount on an incredible opportunity to huddle up with Molly. Don't miss it. As always, thanks for listening! --Joe 
  • The One Percent Better Podcast podcast

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  • The One Percent Better Podcast podcast

    Ep. 199: What Would Mike Tomlin Do?


    Here's the link to check out the course Damn Good Questions I believe it's the single best course on the market for learning how to ask the best questions of your life today. I hope you check out the trailer here. Today's episode is about changing your mindset to give yourself the very best opportunity to get whatever you want in life.  I was lucky enough to share this story with someone preparing for an amazing job opportunity this week, and now I share it with you. Scope out a place in your life where you can pull a Mike Tomlin, and if you need help, email me. In the meantime, enjoy this episode and I'll be back next week with episode 200! Thanks for listening, Joe 
  • The One Percent Better Podcast podcast

    Ep. 198: Thomas Kemeny 1% Better Copywriting


    This week's damn good conversation is here! Thomas will help you solve the creative problems in your business and have you smiling while you work. He's an incredible writer who looks at the world in a unique way. I was thrilled to invite him on.  Also... Did you know my first ever digital course is HERE! It's 10 self-paced modules giving you everything I know about asking questions.  Asking damn good questions has changed my life. It's changed many of my students' lives in the last 22 years, and now you can learn everything I know for the cost of one nice meal. I am so excited to make it available to you today. Get all the details at the link below, and please let me know what you think! My Course Thomas' Website Email me if I can answer any questions for you As always, thanks for listening! --Joe 
  • The One Percent Better Podcast podcast

    Ep. 197: The Power of Ankle Weights


    This week I bring on a special family member to help drive home a powerful idea.   You might remember his appearance in the introduction of Episode 66  Today, Joey and I discuss the power of ankle weights.  He shares why he's wearing them and I share my idea that perhaps we all should be taking advantage of the power they hold.  Enjoy! I want to see that fancy course trailer of yours! I want a sticker! As always, thanks for listening. --Joe 
  • The One Percent Better Podcast podcast

    Ep. 196: Marc Polymeropoulos 1% Better Leadership Clarity


    Our conversation begins at (8:15)  I begin today's episode with some business & personal news that might be just for you, but then transition into one of the best leadership conversations I have ever had.  We discuss Marc's career in the CIA, his leadership philosophy, and why he loves baseball so much. Enjoy all this, & so much more! Damn Good Links  Marc's Book Damn Good Questions Course Trailer Set a course aside for me! As always, thanks for listening! --Joe
  • The One Percent Better Podcast podcast

    Ep. 195: The 1-Question Job Interview Experiment


    I am still learning about business.  This episode could be a 60-minute workshop that could help impact countless student-athletes, coaches, and leaders. Instead, I am sharing here for free.  Thankfully, I know what makes a valuable podcast.  I am really proud of what we were able to create here together.  Please share it with someone you know will find value in it. And I wasn't kidding; I love doing workshops that help you to have damn good conversations immediately.  If you are interested, head here to find out more: Links mentioned in today's episode:  The Tweet that Inspired this Episode The Entire List of Job Interview Questions Ep. 186 w/ Amber Selking Ep. 146 w/ Nick Winkelman Sandro on Twitter Read about Ferragosto As always thanks for listening! --Joe 
  • The One Percent Better Podcast podcast

    Ep. 194: Kelly Gallagher 1% Better Reading & Writing


    Click Here to Be the 1st to Hear About My Course Today's guest is a bucket list guest for me in the world of education.  No literacy teacher listening has not heard of of Kelly Gallagher. If this is your first time meeting him, that's a beautiful thing too! He's invested his entire career helping teens all over the world become more literate citizens. He's motivated teachers and students in countless ways. He's traveled the world delivering workshops to thousands of us in the world of education.   Today's he's here, helping us all get 1% better. You'll love it.  Don't forget to head HERE to be the first to learn where you can get my upcoming course. Thank you so much for all the support along the way. Share this one with your favorite teacher. As always, thanks for listening! --Joe 
  • The One Percent Better Podcast podcast

    Ep. 193: 1460 Days Getting 1% Better


    Last week I received this LinkedIn message:  Former Student-Athlete: "This is some accomplishment. Make sure to stop for a second today and appreciate this." Me: "Wow! It never even crossed my mind. Is that bad??" Former Student-Athlete: "I don’t think it’s bad per se but I definitely think you need to take a second to appreciate and reflect on what you’ve been able to accomplish in 4 years on this project! Average podcast lasts what? 5 episodes?" He was talking about me producing the podcast for 4 years. I missed the anniversary.  I was working on the business, not just in the business.  I was enjoying the process of creating a podcast, not just the product. The can be cliches or they can be true. Or both.  What project are you willing to dive into for the next 1460 days? Tell me here. What project are you willing to work so hard on that you miss the anniversary? Tell me here. What project would you launch if only someone gave you permission? Ask me here. What project are you proud of? Brag in private here. I love creating this podcast with you. Thank you for your support! And as always, thanks for listening. See you next week for another Damn Good Conversation! --Joe 
  • The One Percent Better Podcast podcast

    Ep. 192: Brett Ledbetter 1% Better Questions


    My guest today has built a digital world of resources for those looking to do their very best work.  Head over to What Drives Winning to dive into all that he and his team have built.  Brett Ledbetter has been called one of the best question askers in the world. He has interviewed Mike Krzyzewski, Geno Auriema, Jay Wright, PJ Fleck, Mike Matheny, Sue Enquist, Brad Stevens, and many more of the world's best coaches. He has consulted with NBA and NCAA teams as well successful companies and the military.  He has asked thousands of questions, and has earned deep wisdom.  Today he passes some of that wisdom on to you. You can find my work over at if you are looking to be an even more effective communicator.  As always, thanks for listening! --Joe 

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