The Lead King Podcast podcast

The Lead King Podcast

Russ Ward

The Lead King Podcast is hosted by Russ Ward. Like many others in the digital marketing space, Russ experienced extreme adversity along his journey before ultimately finding success. He lost his house to foreclosure, was divorced twice, had three cars repossessed, was slapped with a $119k tax lien, sued by the NFL for $10 Million dollars and so much more you may note even believe it! He ultimately ended up on the floor with a gun to his head. Thankfully, he did not pull the trigger! The Lead King podcast will teach you the tactics and strategies Russ used to turn it all around and build a successful digital marketing agency from the ashes of his wrecked life. He also dives deep into the mindset required to overcome extreme adversity. In addition to his personal experiences, Russ has access to a vast network of experts in many different niches which will appeal to a broad audience of marketers and entrepreneurs. He conducts interviews with many of these experts to provide listeners with a unique perspective on agency growth, action steps to get massive results, how to stay motivated, and how to overcome adversity along the way!

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