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How To Grow Superfood Sprouts On Your Kitchen Counter | Doug Evans

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Picture this…baby vegetables, 300% more nutritious than their grown up versions, grown in your kitchen, in a matter of days. You in? 


Some of the most powerful choices you make come from moments of despair, and this week’s guest is no different. In the latest episode of The Darin Olien Show, I sit down with Doug Evans, a natural food industry pioneer on a mission to make it as easy as possible for everyone to grow their own superfood sprouts. 


Together we unravel how a sprout-rich diet can elevate your health, combat disease, and prove to be an accessible solution in food deserts. The connection between your gut health and the joy that comes from nurturing it with the right foods—specifically, sprouts, and how we can tackle the ethical quandaries of modern food practices. 


Doug Evans is the co-founder of The Sprouting Company and the best selling author of “The Sprout Book”, a bible on the power of sprouts and their efficacy as a super food. His mission is to help you optimize your health even with the most limited resources.


What we discuss…


(03:00) The origin story of Doug’s devotion to sprouts 

(18:05) The true power of sprouts - for your waist and your wallet 

(27:02) The painful reality of US Food Deserts and the epidemic of unhealthy eating 

(34:58) Everything you need to know about broccoli from sprout to adult vegetable

(58:58) Feeding your gut what it needs and how it transforms the foods you crave 

(01:04:28) Discovering the joy of sprout gardening, affordably, in your own home 

(01:08:40) How to create a flourishing countertop garden even with limited resources


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