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Foundational Strategies for Detoxification & Being The CEO Of Your Own Health | Chervin Jafarieh

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When you’re thirsty what’s the first thing you reach for? Though we’d all like to say it’s a tall glass of fresh, filtered water. Chances are…it’s a soda, concentrated fruit juice, or coffee. 


With 10% of Americans not getting even an ounce of water a day, dehydration - paired with poor sleep and increasingly toxic environments - we’re silently getting sicker and sicker. 


But there is a solution! 


In the latest episode of The Darin Olien Show, I sit down with my dear friend Chervin Jafarieh as we discuss the need for detoxification in Western health practices. He shares how dehydration is a major cause of toxin build up in the body. We also examine the fundamental ways our bodies encounter and process toxins, and how tapping into the breath plays a huge role in effective detoxification. 


We also share the power of rituals where self-awareness and physical fitness are not just about health but about preparing for life's challenges. The profound impact of sleep on detoxification, and share deeply personal experiences that led to cutting out alcohol for good. 


Chervin is a life-long seeker of truth and knowledge. He hosts the podcast Wake the Fake Up, sharing deep insights on areas of study such as Eastern and Western medicine, orthomolecular medicine, epigenetics, nutrition, detoxification, biodynamic agriculture, and philosophy to awaken a higher potential contained within each of us. He’s also the founder of Cymbiotika a company providing clean, science backed supplements and home care. 


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