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Unconventional Paths and Saving Lives: A Journey into Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care featuring Heather Ann Scott RVT, LVT, VTS-ECC

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Join Tabitha in this week's episode as she sits down with Heather Ann Scott, a certified BLS/ALS RECOVER CPR instructor, Fear Free certified RVT, and VTS (ECC). Heather takes us on a fascinating journey of how she discovered and pursued her true passion in emergency and critical care.

In this candid and insightful conversation, Heather shares her reflections and experiences, highlighting both the challenging and beautiful moments she encountered while forging her nontraditional path to becoming a registered veterinary technician. She opens up about the obstacles she faced on her way to obtaining her VTS (Emergency and Critical Care) certification, offering valuable lessons and inspiration to those who may be on a similar journey.

One of the highlights of this episode is Heather's expertise in CPR for animals through the RECOVER Initiative. Whether you are a veterinary professional or simply interested in learning animal CPR, Heather explains why the RECOVER Initiative is the best option available, imparting a wealth of knowledge that you won't want to miss.

Heather Ann Scott RVT, LVT, VTS-ECC, a San Clemente-born California native, began her career in veterinary medicine as an assistant in general practice in 1996. She branched out into her first referral hospital after a year and a half and spent 3 years training and learning the ways of referral practice medicine ranging from ICU, CCU, Oncology, and MRI. Heather quickly fell in love with emergency and critical care and continued her career path by working in both general practice and referral hospitals eventually obtaining her RVT in California. She ultimately chose to return to specialty medicine full-time and decided to specialize in emergency and critical care. Heather also worked in the state of Nevada obtaining her LVT and then passing her VTSECC exam in 2018. Heather has written articles for two nationally published technician journals and has been an active member of the AVECCTN credentials committee for the last 3 years. Heather is a certified BLS/ALS RECOVER CPR instructor and currently holds the position of technician learning and development specialist at Ethos Veterinary Emergency and Referral Center of Hawaii on the island of Oahu. Her hobbies include snuggling with her kitten Ollie, professional photography, martial arts, snowboarding, free diving, hiking, archery, surfing, and enjoying the beautiful state of Hawaii with her husband Josh any time she gets a chance. 


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