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Paws & Pixels: Unleashing Digital Strategies featuring Mychelle Garrigan

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Join us as we uncover the secrets to expanding your online influence, whether you're a behavior professional, veterinary hospital, or animal shelter. In this episode, we're joined by Mychelle Garrigan, founder of Firelink Digital Marketing, who shares expert insights and strategies to elevate your online presence. From effective website design to engaging social media tactics, compelling storytelling, and insightful data analytics, Mychelle provides actionable tips to reach a broader audience and drive meaningful engagement.

Discover the importance of social media for animal shelters and learn how to effectively showcase shelter animals to potential adopters. Explore the art of storytelling in digital spaces and uncover strategies to create emotional connections that drive adoption rates.

Tune in for expert advice and actionable strategies to amplify your organization's digital impact.

Mychelle Garrigan runs Firelink Digital Marketing, which serves small to medium-size businesses and non-profits. She provides a full range of online business services including WordPress website design, SEO, copywriting, content marketing and social media marketing. She also has specialties in helping individuals develop online courses and events and improving/implementing web accessibility. 

Mychelle's professional background includes over 30 years working in administration, development, and marketing/communications positions in the non-profit world. She has a MSW with a concentration on Community Administration, Planning and Programs from UCLA. In addition to her digital marketing and web design experience, she has worked as both a professional editor and writer. She has written a diverse array of topics from pet care to social media marketing to web design and technology. She was the Community Outreach Director and Chief Executive Officer for the Association of Professional Dog Trainers and worked in administrative/marketing/education roles for the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, and the United States Dog Agility Association. She is also certified through the IAABC as a Dog Behavior Consultant.

She currently serves as Board Secretary/Treasurer for the Sioux Empire TNR Coalition and is a volunteer with the Greater Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce, Employment Disability Resources and is a foster for The Kitten League. In 2023 she was appointed to the Disability Awareness and Accessibility Review Board, an advisory body to the Mayor, City Council and the City ADA Coordinator on disability awareness and universal accessibility of City buildings, programs and services in Sioux Falls, SD. She lives in Sioux Falls, South Dakota with her dogs, cats, bearded dragon, hognose snake, cockatiel and way, way too many foster kittens.


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