Soul Expansion podcast

Soul Expansion

Kristen Kacinski

This show will take you on a journey of expansion: encouraging you to release the limitations of your mind and lean into the wisdom of your soul. Remembering who you are on a soul-level will help you release your conditioning, expectations, limiting beliefs, fears, and worries and evoke a life expanded by your energetic alignment. Whether you’re an entrepreneur who wants to grow your income and impact… Or someone who knows in your heart of hearts that you’re made for more.. This podcast will help you awaken the power already inside you, allowing you to attract an easy flow of money, clients, opportunities, and fulfillment. Each episode you’ll learn something new, expand your consciousness, and will walk away with a glimpse of what’s truly possible for you. If you’re ready to follow your soul’s calling and live a more expansive life, You’re in the right place. Welcome, and let your journey to soul expansion begin!

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