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George Edwards, HYROX Master Trainer Interview

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In today's episode of the Rox Lyfe podcast I get to chat with George Edwards. George is one of the UK’s HYROX Master Trainers and spends a lot of time travelling around the UK coaching the coaches from HYROX affiliated gyms.  He’s a very experienced personal trainer and athlete, and in this chat we have a great discussion about his training for an Ironman which he’s currently preparing for, his duties as a master trainer, his recovery strategies, what he’s changed his views on with regard to HYROX training in the past year or so, and details of his upcoming training camp.  George is also good friends with the HYROX world champion and world record holder Hunter McIntyre, and we get into what he’s picked up from Hunter with regard to training and recovery for HYROX. It’s a really good discussion that I think will be helpful,and interesting, whatever level youre at. 

George has been on the show before, towards the end of 2022, and so I tried to avoid too much overlap with that episode, so after listening to this one, go back and give that a listen too, there was a lot of great stuff in it.

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