Redefining Energy - Minutes / Archives 2022-23 podcast

97. EV China, COP 28, Lithium crash, EDF alone. Masdar offshore wind, short list Book of the Year

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Every Sunday, Laurent and Gerard discuss last week’s news in the Energy Transition.
On the menu:
  • Number of the week: 1 million EV produced in China in November
  • COP 28: great success or “nothingburger”?
  • Lithium crash (-80% YTD)
  • EDF alone to finance the UK nuclear plant Hinkley Point C
  • Masdar scoopers prized offshore wind farm assets in the North Sea

And our short list for “Book of the Year”, winner to be revealed for Boxing Day
  • Monetising Energy Storage (Oliver Schmidt)
  • Material World (Ed Conway)
  • The Edge (Jonathan Maxwell)
  • How Big Things Get Done (Bent Flyvberg)

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