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2.7 Umbra (part two)

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The Season Two finale, in which the team decide what's worth saving.  

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206: Umbra (part two)


Commander Mildred Falconer - Cate Nunn

First Officer Joy Christy - Hannah Wilmshurst

Officer Aloysius Burney - Max Windich

Officer Howell Lowell - Ashley Hunt

Orpheus/Walter Nicholls: Guy Grimsley

Major General Silas Falconer: Matt Blurton

Dr Hester Falconer: Carolyn Taylor

Special Operative Amos Dexter: Ed Blagrove

Commander Gertrude Mink: Clare Denton

Voice of SINISTER: Phil Cotteril

Adult Timmy: Rob Stringer 


Created by Rob Stringer

Sound by Joe Carr

Original music by Tom Ashton


This episode contains imagery of warfare. Listener discretion is advised.

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