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Turning Points And Opportunity

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Welcome to episode #79 of Not Me, But You! This episode is about Turning Points. How many have you had in your life? Were there specific people involved with those "turning point events?" 

Have you ever felt like you missed out on a great opportunity and that opportunity is LOST for all time? Well I'm here to encourage you and tell you a "secret!" Opportunities are trains on a train track. If you miss one, there is another coming your way. You just have to have the discipline to wait, and to continue to believe and be consistent. And that next opportunity that comes "down the track" could be the one that changes your life! 

This podcast has already been downloaded in multiple continents and hundred of cities of world wide! And I'm just one goofball of a guy sharing my knowledge and wisdom for FREE! So thank you for that. And if you want to support this podcast and me, head over to Amazon and check out my E-book, "Stay Healthy, Become Wealthy." You can search for in on Amazon using the ASIN 

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Thank you again for helping this podcast reach as many people as it already has. I look forward to growing this audience even more. 

Have courage today, to pick ONE thing, and work on your dreams! 

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