Not Me, But You! podcast

Not Me, But You!

Art Kester

Welcome to Not Me, But You! This is likely one of the most ironically titled podcasts since the focus is designed to be on the podcast listeners rather than the podcast creator. I spent half of my life as a school administrator and I want to share with you what I've learned about education, teaching, learning, reaching your goals, attaining your dreams, developing relationships, encouragement, motivation, business, income, and money. My desire is shine some "psychological sunshine" onto your thinking. I believe it's possible for you and me and attain our dreams in life. But often, many of us need a good teacher, a good mentor, and a good cheerleader in order to help us along the way. I am confident that you will learn some things from me. But more importantly I want to learn something from you. I will share what I'm passionate about. But I also want to discover what you are passionate about. And by listening, you will discover how to set goals, how to track goals, how to achieve goals, how to select a good "guru" or mentor or teacher or advisor, how to make money and save money. And most of all, I want you to discover what is your most valuable asset and how to gain freedom in your life.

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