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Plan/Think/Go Do: More Crypto and NFT Information

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Welcome to episode #83 of  Not Me, But You! 

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Latest podcast stats: this podcast has been downloaded in over 60 different countries and over 500 different cities. 

In this episode, stop planning, stop thinking, and get started. If you are afraid or unsure go do something anyway, even if it's wrong! You don't need to have it all figured out before you begin. You don't have to get is perfect the first time you try! 

More information on the Metaverse and how you can benefit from the Metaverse, even if you are not a gamer! This is NOT financial advice. Do your own research. 

WAYPA is an acronym that stands for: What Are You Passionate About Today? 

Have courage today, to pick one thing, and work on your dreams. 

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