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Welcome to episode #81 of Not Me, But You! This is the companion podcast to Waypa Today. Check out the Waypa Today website, free Facebook Page, Twitter page, Instagram page, YouTube channel etc. And email me at [email protected] with questions/comments. 

In this episode I cover what IS the Metaverse? And I review specific cryptocurrency coins. This is NOT financial advice. For informational purposes only. Do your OWN research. 

My latest E-book, "Stay Healthy, Become Wealthy" is available on Amazon. If you have a Kindle Unlimited subscription, you can read it for FREE! Here is the ASIN to the book on Amazon. You can search for it by entering the ASIN # into the Amazon app/website: 

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Use the POWER of your internet connection to increase your income and to build wealth. 
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Remember, we are all surrounded by opportunity in this life. If we choose to believe that opportunity does NOT exist, then that becomes "our truth." And if we WANT opportunity we need to look for it consistently. "Seek, and you shall find!" 

As always, have courage today, to pick one thing, and work on your dreams! 

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