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2022 Goals and Ideas

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Welcome to episode #87 of Not Me, But You! Do you have pictures in your head of what 2022 can look like? It's going to be a year FULL of opportunities. You and I will have chances to grow, to deal with problems, to handle stressful situations and have moments to celebrate our successes. 

Happy New Year! First episode of 2022! This podcast is the companion to WAYPA TODAY. Email me at [email protected] Join us in the FREE Facebook group Waypa Today. Check out Follow us on Twitter at Waypa Today. 

The E-book "Stay Healthy, Become Wealthy" can be found on Amazon using the following ASIN to search for the book: B09829K4PW

What is your morning routine? In this episode I detail what my morning routine is and WHY. 
I cover morning habits and morning routines  to start your day and I suggest specific activities. 

Thank you for all of the downloads and all of the listens all over the WORLD! I am humbled and grateful for the reach that this podcast has. 

Find ways to use your internet connection to make more money! And as always, have courage today, to pick one thing, and work on your dreams! 

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