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Conversation #25: Dennis Lindsay, owner of "The Athlete's Gym"

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About Coach Lindsay:

Coach Lindsay has worked with athletes involved with Tennis Canada since 1996, as well as having been a National Strength Coach with the organization. 
Coach Lindsay has also provided programming to University Varsity Teams, OHL hockey clubs, European professional hockey clubs, and a wide variety of Minor Associations. Dennis formerly worked in a multidisciplinary rehabilitation clinic as a Physiotherapy Assistant (PTA). Prior to that, he has held fitness and health programming positions in Community, Private Industry, Municipal and Corporate Health centers.
Dennis has trained over 100 current NHL Players (and hundreds of retired players) and has been the strength and conditioning consultant to Toronto Maple Leafs. He has trained over 20 medalling individual Olympians, 5 Olympic Teams, and dozens of professional athletes from other sports.

About his programs:
Our program is designed around that base of experience and the need to better prepare players for the long term of the sport.
We program relative to age of development, and focus on all physical literacies. Enhanced athletic ability is the purpose behind the program.
Athletes in our Fitness Programs get progressive development in speed, agility, quickness, strength and endurance capacities.

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