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July 2001: Macworld New York

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It's the summer time. Time for fun in the sun, taking a dip in a cool lake, and spending a day inside a dark room watching Apple introduce their new desktop line of computers. It's an interesting month for Apple; we join Steve Jobs on stage at Macworld New York to examine the next version of OS X (10.1), the final iteration of the iMac G3, and new G4 towers. This is a keynote that throws a lot at you, literally.


QuickTime Machine Macworld New York 2001

July 18th 2001




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    November 2001: iPod History


    We're back for more iPod discussion this month. The device was conceived, developed, and released in the span of 10 months, and marked a turn for Apple. It was a new (but not the first) push into consumer devices with a focus on their Digital Hub initiative. The move would prove extraordinarily successful and transform Apple from a computer manufacturer into a mainstream consumer brand. We dive into the history, our own iPod experiences, the legacy of the music player that changed the world, and more! === QuickTime Machine Apple Posts Star Wars Episode II Trailer, QuickTime Exclusive Steve's Other Job: Monsters, Inc. #1 Film This Weekend, Shatters Records Apple releases iTunes 2 - Nov 5th 2001 Apple Releases "Software Update Updater" For Mac OS X Microsoft Releases Office v. X For Mac OS X, Hits Store Shelves Today Run OS X On Legacy Macs OpenCore Legacy Patcher The iPod Introduction: Tuesday, October 23, 2001 iPod - Wikipedia The complete history of Apple's iPod - cnet Apple's iPod went from idea to product in a single year, according to the 'father' of the iconic music player iPod inventor Tony Fadell: ‘I literally had a decade of failure’ PortalPlayer Tony Fadell 'Whoa whoa': iPod's inventor looks back on Apple's 'really big risks' History of the iPod Will an Original iPod Work on a Modern Computer?
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    October 2001: The iPod


    This is the big one folks! That's right it's the introduction of the iPod, that iconic pocket-sized device that changed how we listen to music. We review the tapes to see how it all went down at Apple Town Hall on October 23, 2001—it's a classic JobsNote. It's also the start of the spooky season so Apple introduces a satanic PowerBook, and Matt has a tale of the dead rising from the grave as he resurrects Shenmue 2 from it's dormant state. Buckle up it's going to be a good one. === Follow-Up Zev - Feedback: on classic Mac OS, files didn’t need extensions. They used special metadata fields called the type and creator codes. Siracusa has some good rants about how much better they were, mostly on old Hypercritical episodes. Metadata madness on Hypercritical QuickTime Machine Mac OS X 10.1 Flies Off The Shelves, Some Stores Burned Copies For Customers Apple opens Store in Palo Alto - October 6, 2001 - The 9th Apple Store to Open Apple Rolls Out New 500 MHz & 600 MHz iBooks PowerBooks Hit 667 MHz, Gets Faster System Bus, New Video Card, Gigabit Ethernet Apple Announces US$66 Million Profit, US$4.3 Billion Cash On Hand Apple Ships US$499 iMacs For Two US Markets iDVD 2 Released For Mac OS X Only The iPod Introduction: Tuesday, October 23, 2001 NotesKey Outline YouTube Video
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    September 2001: Seybold and AppleScript


    September means Seybold for Apple. Steve and Phil walk us through all of the improvements that are coming to Mac OS with OS X 10.1. We get deep into a discussion about scripting and automation on the Mac, Matt waxes on about Shenmue for one final(?) time, and Josh finds a way to automate Matt out of future episode intros. === QuickTime Machine HP Buys Compaq DoJ Officially Abandons Pursuit Of Breaking Up Microsoft Apple's Retail Operations To Break Even In Q4, Profit In 2002 NY Post Reports That Avie Tevanian Will Be Leaving Apple Apple Reschedules QuickTime Live! Conference Seybold San Francisco 2001 NotesKey YouTube Link Adobe Announces Illustrator 10, Including Mac OS X Support Adobe Announces InDesign 2.0, Including Support For Mac OS X 10.1 Mac OS X 10.1 Released, Free In Apple Stores This Saturday Steve Jobs: Mac OS X Is Now Ready For Primetime; Details Offered On Getting The Upgrade
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    August 2001: Apple & Nintendo


    Get ready for a lazy summer episode, baby! The most interesting thing Apple did this month was release Mac OS 9.2.1, so Josh & Matt take up a topic that they've been thinking about for a while: Apple & Nintendo; they seem similar right? They're both hardware and software vendors with total control over their product vision, and they focus intensely on how their products are designed and how they are used. This month we put those assumptions to the test and see just how similar Apple & Nintendo really are. We also take a letter from a listener and put the Karnov debate to bed. === QuickTime Machine Attention Developers - Apple Offers WWDC Session Recordings. Some Free, Some Discounted With Free WWDC PowerBook Bag Connectix Updates Virtual PC Test Drive For Mac OS X Mac Sightings - Orange iBook Assists In Production Of The Lord Of The Rings Mr Software fights the megahertz myth MOA Apple Store Coverage - Apple Store Is No Threat To Mac Retailers: A Quick Note To The 'Mom & Pops' Apple Releases Mac OS 9.2.1 Update Apple & Nintendo Articles referenced for this episode: - The Verge article that sparked the idea for this month's episode Nintendo - Gunpei Yokoi - Shigeru Miyamoto: A rushed game is forever bad - Shigeru Miyamoto says Nintendo and Apple go together like Mario and Luigi - The creator of Mario says 'Apple and Nintendo have very similar philosophies' - Blue Ocean Strategy - Wii: Creating a Blue Ocean The Nintendo Way - Nintendo’s Philosophy: Lateral Thinking with Withered Technology - Q&A;: Shigeru Miyamoto on 'Mario', 'Minecraft' and Working With Apple - - Apple - Apple’s habit of announcing early, delivering late, is worse for Apple than for us - Apple's Product Developement Process - This is how Apple’s top secret product development process works - Apple’s Product Development Process – Inside the World’s Greatest Design Organization - 3 Ways Apple Sets Itself Apart from the Competition - The 6 Pillars Of Steve Jobs’s Design Philosophy
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    July 2001: Macworld New York


    It's the summer time. Time for fun in the sun, taking a dip in a cool lake, and spending a day inside a dark room watching Apple introduce their new desktop line of computers. It's an interesting month for Apple; we join Steve Jobs on stage at Macworld New York to examine the next version of OS X (10.1), the final iteration of the iMac G3, and new G4 towers. This is a keynote that throws a lot at you, literally. === QuickTime Machine AppleWorks For OS X Updated Mac Sightings - Target Stores Pick TiBook To Advertise Web Site So Long Cube! Apple Officially Kills The Cube Apple Updates Mac OS X Server To Version 10.0.4 Aspyr Brings The Sims To Mac OS X Macworld New York 2001 July 18th 2001 NotesKey Video Link Recommendations Matt: Sonic Adventure 2 for the Sega Dreamcast Josh: Bel Canto (2001 Book)
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    June 2001: A Man, a Cube, and a Dream


    Join us as we cast our gaze back to the 1960s with the creation of the internet and then jump forward to the early 1990s to witness the advent of the World Wide Web. We speak in metaphor, struggle to pluralize Tim Berners-Lee, and get deep into Karnov. === QuickTime Machine Walt Mossberg likes the new iBook Apple Releases PowerBook G4 Titanium Firmware Update - Improves the handling of optical media Remember That iMac Copy? Apple Settles With iMac Clone Maker Future Power (With Pic) - This was reported on in Ep 3 of MemPro Paddington Reviews on Rotten Tomatoes: Paddington 2 Citizen Kane Mac Gaming News - New Quake 3 Arena Point Release Available For OS X Apple Releases 10.0.4 - Lots of speed improvements Internet History Brief History of the Internet History of the Internet - Wikipedia Packet Switching - Wikipedia Apple & The Internet AppleLink/eWorld eWorld announcement First browser to ship on the mac: macWWW Apple gets into the browser game with Safari - V1 shipped in June of 2003 The Webkit Project was started by apple in June of 2001 by Don Melton Don’s Tweet The internet gets too hot (non)Recommendations Karnov for the NES
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    May 2001: WWDC & iBooks


    It’s May 2021, and this month we discuss May 2001—how about that! (We’re on a new schedule for a new season of Memory Protection.) We have two events to review this month: WWDC 2001 and the “Your Life, To Go” event. We check the bottom line and get fiscal as we discuss iBooks, Education, and Mac OS X. === QuickTime Machine 10.0.1 - April 16th, 2001- Performance & Stability + Better Support for USB devices 10.0.2 - May 1st, 2001- Updates iTunes, adds CD Burning. Apparently it’s faster. 10.0.3 - May 9th, 2001 - “Ensures full visibility of file lists in directories that contain a large number of items.” Internet Explorer 5.1.1 Available Via OS X’s Software Update Apple Releases QuickTime 5 And QuickTime Streaming Server 3 - First release for Mac OS 9 & Windows BBEdit Comes To OS X BBEdit is up to V13 as of May 2021, and was first released in 1992 Wikipedia Article Douglas Adams passes away - May 11th, 2001 Mac OS X Public Beta Expires May 15th, 2001 - R.I.P. FileMaker Pro comes to Mac OS X “Your Life. To Go.” Keynote Video NotesKey Link Apple’s Page about the new iBook Apple Lands Mammoth iBook Deal: 23,000 iBooks Sold To One School District New commercial showcases iBook as a portable Digital hub - This commercial is bad —Matt WWDC Announcements NotesKey Link Ahead of WWDC, Apple drops developer membership by $100 Apple Dropping 17" CRT Displays, Does Going All Flat Panel Include The iMac?
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    March 2001: OS X 10.0: Primetime


    The time has come, it’s the moment that every classic Mac enthusiast has been waiting for: the release of Mac OS X. We dive into two very different reviews with very similar conclusions. We discuss how user experience paradigmns have changed for computer users over the last 20 years and why old conceptual models of human computer interaction may not be necessary anymore. Josh discusses the merits of native application development, and we lament the user interface choices game designers make in a new segment we like to call: Get off My Lawn (#GOML). === Hot Cocoa Redmond Minute Apple To Dub First X Release As Mac OS X 10.0 Apple Says OS X is NOT Delayed & It Will Ship On Time C|Net Article Hammers OS X, Suggests It Is Not Ready For Prime Time Apple Officially Confirms iTunes, iMovie 2 For Mac OS X This Weekend! Mac OS X 10.0, Baby! John Siracusa’s Review The closest Macworld comes to reviewing OSX (In June of 2001)
  • Memory Protection podcast

    February 2001: Macworld Tokyo 2001


    This month we indulge in a shorter episode as Steve Jobs jets off to Japan to unleash the most (flower) powerful iMacs yet. We discuss the disturbing effect the new iMacs have on us, as well as their lukewarm reception and legacy. Matt loses all concentration and Josh falls down an iTools rabbit hole. === Follow-up Zev Eisenberg on Twitter: Hot Cocoa NVIDIA Chats With The Mac Observer - "We plan to fully support OS X and the drivers are coming along great thanks to our world-class driver team." Apple Confirms $30 Discount Only For OS X Feedback Providers Cube Drops US$300 In Price, Apple Adds New High End Configuration - Low end now $1,499, high end $2,399 Former Apple CEO Gil Amelio Lands A New CEO Job MacObserver's ONI review - dead wrong. MacWorld ® Mac ® Secrets Using iTools on older system software Macworld Tokyo 2001 Video Intro from Steve MW Tokyo - nVIDIA GeForce 3 To Be Released First On Macintosh! - February 24th, 2001 iMac Page, featuring flower power iMac Cult of Mac article on FP & BD MacWorld - 5 Weirdest Macs of all time Early 2001: The iMac G3 goes psychedelic Recommendations: Matt: Paper Mario for the Nintendo64 Josh: The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages
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    January 2001: Macworld 2001 San Francisco


    It's a new year and Apple is pulling out all the stops at Macworld 2001 San Francisco. This Stevenote has it all: "configurizable" hardware, "fierce" software, professional-grade bake-offs—oh, and don't forget the power & sex(?!). Tune in as we give ourselves new nicknames and discuss Apple's next iMac moment with the announcement of the Titanium PowerBook G4, iTunes, iDVD, and more. === Hot Cocoa iMovie, The Next Revolution In Higher Education? Another ATI-like PR Blunder nVIDIA GeForce2 MX video cards announced for the Mac Apple Offers US$200 Instant Rebates On iMac DV+ & iMac DV SE Outgoing Clinton White House Staff protest the incoming Bush Administration Trogdor, the burninator first appeared on January 13th, 2001 h/t to Morty Ortega for the link Macworld San Francisco: January 9, 2001 Video Link NotesKey Link Apple's history with the SuperDrive name for it's drives Comparison of the TiBook G4 next to the 2015 MacBook Air on Macworld iTunes 1.0 Web Page iDVD 1.0 Web Page on Recommendations: Matt Phantasy Star Online

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