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Ep. 2- "W.eed A.nd P.olitics"

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Hosts Sima Lee and KLC puff some legalized cannabis while discussing the stressful social and political climate of the U.S. just days before the election.

Featured Track:
"I'm Good To. G.0.(Divine)" (unmastered studio sesh)
Lyrics by: Sima Lee The RBG
Produced by: Theory

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    Ep. 10-Where Is The Movement Moving?


    Episode 10 finally arrives after thousands of listens and downloads of the show. In this episode Sima Lee reflects on the lack of addressing primary contradictions that bring about  oppression and disunity within an anti-imperialist mass movement.... leading to a lack of overall direction. Where are we going?Track: Cure & The PoisonLyrics by: Sima LeeProduced by: Novakane OmegaShow Instrumental: SKM BeatzSupport the show (
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    Ep. 9- : "The Empire Strikes Blacks" (Maroon House Raid)


    In this Women's History Month episode hosts Sima Lee and KLC commemorate the 2nd anniversary of the violent raid on Maroon House DC by the Metropolitan Police Dept. They share some history and how the raid affected them personally, steps taken since then to heal and grow, and how they refocused, and expanded mutual aid and organizing efforts in 2021.Track Featured: Arise by Sankofa Griottes (Sima Lee & Joy Petway)Support the show (
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    Ep. 8- "Too Black & Too Queer For Amerikkka"


    This week's episode the hosts explore the difficulties of navigating through the abuse and oppression from white supremacist society and their own communities as Black and Queer women in the occupied territory known as the United States.  These reflections on the external and internal struggles center Black Feminist anti-capitalism, anti-imperialism and anti-patriarchal analysis as always. There will be no true Black liberation while Black LGBTQ people are allowed to be discriminated against by default. ALL Black people deserve freedom!Intro Produced by: Disko Dave of Better Beat BureauSupport the show (
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    Ep. 7- "Girl's Talk & Hip - Hop Anarchy"


    Marooncast hosts first give in depth and humorous commentary about headlines since the inauguration. Then, in our "Girl's Talk" KLC is interviewed about Queer & Poly identities, adjusting to living in the north from the south, art, music & book takes & more. Closing out, Sima Lee speaks about her upcoming EP and Audiobook entitled: "Hip-Hop Anarchist".Featured Track: "Black Anarchist" by: Sima Lee The RBGSupport the show (
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    Ep. 6 - New Year, Same Settlers (F*ck All This Sh*t Edition)


    The first episode of the New Year focuses on the recent right-wing insurrection in DC while highlighting that liberalism is complicit in white supremacist oppression as well. It also aims at the "ally industrial complex" and challenges "accomplices" to step up their support to Black, Brown and Indigenous liberation while rejecting the system that was built for settlers. Moving past performative gestures and lip service to serious and concrete actions that lead to the eradication of the empire altogether are "goals" for 2021. Features instrumentals from Madvillain and DJ OH LOW. RIP MF DOOM!Support the show (
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    Ep. 5- "What Is Freedom?"


    Our hosts talk about what they envision as a more free and just reality that is the complete opposite of white supremacist, capitalist, patriarchal imperialism.Track: "What Is Freedom?" by: Sima Lee The RBGProduced by: Sam TruthFrom: Trap Liberation Army EPSupport the show (
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    Ep. 4- "Depression, Anxiety & Revolution... Oh My!"


    Today's episode is a heartfelt conversation between hosts KLC and Sima Lee about their own mental health and the effects of mental illness on our movements and communities. They move towards the conclusion that our intentional communities are in need of "community health & care" and "radical love" as a regular part of our daily mutual aid and resistance.News Clip: NBC Nightly News-June 2020Music Track: "Let's Make A Way" by Sima Lee/Sankofa GriottesSupport the show (
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    Ep. 3- "Mutual Aid & Intentional Community"


    In this episode Sima Lee and KLC discuss mutual aid, intentional community and a brief history of Food, Clothing & Resistance Collective, Maroon Movement  and Maroon House.Featured Track:"Note To Self"Artist- "Cunty Meme"www.cuntymeme.comSupport the show (
  • MaroonCast podcast

    Ep. 2- "W.eed A.nd P.olitics"


    Hosts Sima Lee and KLC puff some legalized cannabis while discussing the stressful social and political climate of the U.S. just days before the election.Featured Track:"I'm Good To. G.0.(Divine)" (unmastered studio sesh)Lyrics by: Sima Lee The RBGProduced by: Theory#BeatKonductazSupport the show (
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    Ep. 1 - "Black To The Afrofuture" (Radical Fiction & Radical Reality)


    Ep. 1 - "Black To The Afrofuture" (Radical Fiction & Radical Reality) This episode features opening speech clips by Malcolm X and Toni Morrison. This episode focuses on our current radical reality in the face of ongoing racism and imperialism and the role of organizing, history and radical fiction in shaping a more just future. Our hosts are KLC and Sima Lee. Feel free to follow us and share. Also add us on IG and Twitter (@marooncast) and email us questions! #MaroonMovement #MaroonCastSupport the show (

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