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Larry Itliong and the Great Delano Grape Strike

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At 15, Larry Itliong came to America with a dream. His plans changed when he learned the truth about his new home. In 1965, he led Filipino farmworkers in a historic fight for their rights.

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This episode was written, edited, mixed, and hosted by Paola Mardo. Long Distance is produced by Paola Mardo and Patrick Epino. Long Distance TV is directed, edited, shot, and produced by Patrick Epino, and hosted, written, and produced by Paola Mardo.

This season of Long Distance is produced with support from PRX and the Google Podcasts creator program, donors on PayPal, and Patreon members, supporters, and ambassadors. Music in this episode is by Blue Dot Sessions. Theme Song is by C. Light and the Prisms.

Special thanks to Gayle Romasanta, Paloma Concordia, Marissa Aroy, John Armington, Dillon Delvo and Debra Louie of Little Manila Rising, and Samanta Helou Hernandez.

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