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Hopes & Dreams

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In "Hopes & Dreams," three kids (Levi, Christine, and Ariel) reflect on the new things we have learned, the friendships we have formed, and the challenges we have faced in the past year — and what we are excited to learn and do in the year ahead. The children also discuss the concept of "letting go" of the feelings and experiences that we don't wish to carry with us into the new year.

The kids and host Todd Loyd travel on giant snowflakes to the Land of Qook-a-lackas where they meet Todd's Qook-a-lacka friend Qweston, played by Jolly Abraham, and participate in the Qook-a-lacka tradition of Moon Day, where they help to "send off" the old moon and "welcome" the new moon.

The original song, "Under the New Moon" that Qweston sings in the Land is written by educator/composer Benjamin Weiner (based on the children's words during the episode) and performed by Jolly Abraham.

Sound design and mixing is by Ahmed Ashour, and the ukulele music you hear is by actor and composer Bill English.

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