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Boundaries with Michael Cruz Kayne and Ana Cruz Kayne

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Helping children establish boundaries is important for developing friendships and maintaining positive social interactions. Boundaries help people set limits for themselves and honor limits set by others.

In "Boundaries," three eight- and nine-year-old kids (Olivia, Izzy, and Wynter) define and discuss boundaries and help Qook-a-leekie and Link-a-deedle friends learn the importance of boundaries. They discover that understanding someone else’s boundaries requires empathy, the ability to recognize others’ feelings...and that takes practice. 

The role of  Qwee-vee the Qook-a-leekie is played by Ana Cruz Kayne and the role of Lexton the Link-a-deedle is played by Michael Cruz Kayne. Ana and Michael are siblings in real life, so they know a thing or two about boundaries.  Ana is an actress and writer, known for her performances in Barbie (2023), Little Women (2019), Jerry & Marge Go Large (2022), Painkiller (TV 2023), and Another Earth (2011). Michael is a Peabody and WGA Award winner, and a four-time Emmy nominee. He is currently a writer for the Late Show with Stephen Colbert. As a stand-up and actor, he has been seen on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Severance, High Maintenance, and more.  His one-man show, Sorry For Your Loss, was recorded by Audible and named among the Best of Audible 2023. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife and kids. Read more about Ana and Michael on our website.

The original song, "I've Got Boundaries" is written by educator/composer Benjamin Weiner and performed by Michael Cruz Kayne.

Sound design and mixing is by Ahmed Ashour, and the ukulele music you hear is by actor and composer Bill English.

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