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Introduction - I Quit my Job - Solo Backpacking as a Digital Nomad

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Welcome to possibilities. Solo travel podcast that explores, explains and hopefully inspires you to travel the world by yourself. I am your host Amit Jain. Hello everybody, i believe this podcast will inspire you to travel into the unknown so that you can experience all the amazing things this planet has to offer. So many people have always said to me i can't believe you travel alone. Aren't you scared and bored. Actually the answer is no. I love it. And you shouldn't be scared either. You should just buy a ticket and jump on a plane, go wherever you want. Do the things that you thought you couldn't do. Frankly, travelling for me has really given me confidence to do things in life in general. In this podcast i will be sharing with you my experiences about travelling solo and also will be getting in more and more traveller's to share their story and inspire you.