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Ulagam Sutrum VISHAL | The Explorer's Mindset: Vishal's Journey from Tech to Trek

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Join us in this captivating episode of our travel podcast where we sit down with Vishal, a robotics engineer with a passion for exploration and storytelling.

In this episode, Vishal shares his incredible journey that started in 2011, detailing how the allure of travel irrevocably changed his life. He recounts his year as a wildlife enthusiast intern in Agumbe, Karnataka, immersing himself in the natural world. Vishal takes us on a virtual tour through his explorations in France and Italy, vividly describing the people, culture, and gastronomy that enriched his experiences. He then narrates his adventures in Puerto Rico, providing insights into the unique aspects of its beauty and challenges. Beyond the physical journeys, Vishal delves into the philosophical aspect of travel, discussing how it has been instrumental in his quest for self-discovery. He shares stories from his bizarre trip in Leh and the Indian Alpine, highlighting the unexpected twists and turns that make travel so enriching. Vishal's tale reaches its zenith with his backpacking adventure to Iceland, a destination that left a profound impact on him.

To conclude, he generously offers his top 5 must-visit destinations, providing listeners with a treasure trove of travel inspiration. Tune in to this episode to embark on a journey that's not just about places, but also about the transformative power of travel and the discovery of one's inner self.

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