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UPDATE: This Podcast Has a New Name!

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ANNOUNCEMENT: The name of this podcast will change next week. It started off as "Eros Rising," and I do like that name because it's representative of my intentions for this podcast... But the problem is most people have no idea what "Eros Rising" actually means. From a marketing perspective, that's no good.

The new name will be simple and clear, so whenever anyone sees it in the podcast directory, they'll know exactly what the podcast is about. For the name change I decided to upgrade my wardrobe too, and create a new podcast cover with me in a suit jacket & collared shirt.


Because appearances do matter on some level. I found a fascinating article about what makes a good portrait, and decided to try making the "perfect" portrait (according to their metrics). 
It also feels like it's time for me to refine things a bit. This year I'm enrolling in two major professional trainings & certification programs, and I want to start embodying layers of that professionalism in a deeper way (while still remaining down to earth and casual). Experimenting with my wardrobe is a fun way to do it.

You can expect regular episodes from again. I hired a production team to take care of all the pieces that held me back from creating regular episodes in the past, and I'm very excited to share the next season with you. SIX interviews have already been recorded, and a bunch more episodes are planned.

Please let me know if you have any topic requests for the future!



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