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Anal Sex Mistakes - (That Most Men Make)

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Millions of women want to receive anal sex from a man, but most men make substantial mistakes with anal that result in pain, disconnection and a complete lack of pleasure. There's good news though. With the help of this episode, you can easily learn how to avoid these mistakes so you can have amazing, orgasmic, pain-free and deeply pleasurable anal sex with your lover.

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*NOTE: The majority of content in this episode will apply to all bodies, but extra focus has been given to heterosexual anal sex where the woman is penetrated by the man. This is intentional, because there are some extra dynamics going on here that are important to talk about.


Questions answered in this episode:

  • How does anal anatomy impact anal pleasure?
  • Is anal sex in porn real?
  • Is pain normal during anal sex ?
  • Can women orgasm from anal?
  • Can men orgasm from anal?
  • Will anal pleasure turn straight men gay?
  • How long does anal warmup take?
  • What's the deal with anal and poop?
  • What are the best anal sex positions?






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  • This episode was recorded in my home in Asheville, with my good friend Jon Handelman who is a full time life coach. 
  • The music for this episode is: “Pink Dolphins” (Numatic Remix)
    • Written by: Tony Moss/Sunny Solwind/Shireen Jarrahian/David Brown
    • Remixed by: Numatic
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