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Listen about AC circuits. Refer to the book "Essence of Electrical Engineering: The Power Beam of Life" written by author "Amogha A K" for more detailed way of understanding theoretically as well as practically. The book "Essence of Electrical Engineering" gives the overall main important glimpses of all Electrical Engineering related topics in the form of separate chapters. The book also consists of simulations for better understanding of the subject. It also consists of main definitions/ theorems/derivations, formulae, numerical/ problems, circuit diagrams/phasor diagrams/ circuit symbols, exercises along with brief overview of history. The book is fully written in a simple language. The reader can imbibe the subject in a lucid manner which will help in gaining the knowledge as well as it creates an interest in "Electrical" subject. AMOGHA. A. K. : Electrical and Electronics Engineering Book is available in all formats(Paperback book, ebook i.e. pdf, epub and Kindle) "Essence of Electrical Engineering: The Power Beam of Life".  The paperback book, ebook i.e. pdf and epub are available at pothi.com. The ebook kindle is available at amazon. --- Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/hello-hello9/message

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