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#57: Range in Careers and Collecting Dots (Kyle Hagge 4/5)

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Range by David Epstein is a book about careers, re-framing how we get to success. Often, our careers don’t look like past generations. We don’t pick a career at 18, get hired as a junior employee, and work there for 47 years before we retire. That’s extremely rare.

Instead, we move through many roles and positions in our career, accumulating skills and data points throughout. We learn what we like and don’t like, what we’re good at and what we hate. We get to be beginners in a lot of places, and experts in many more.

And that meandering, winding pathway is the pathway to success, the journey to knowing what we really want to do. That sampling, the “collecting of dots” is crucial to being able to connect dots later in life and tell meaningful narratives about our career.

This week on Bite-Sized Philosophy is an interview series with Kyle Hagge. Kyle has been a podcast producer, non-profit co-founder, and now is the lead community manager at Morning Brew. He is passionate about justice, community, and innovation. Not just the buzzwordy kinds of justice, community, and innovation, but about how people can actually implement these topics in our careers and in our lives and he’s living that out in his current role at Morning Brew.

Find Kyle on Twitter or LinkedIn This week’s topics range from weak ties in relationships and finding community as an adult, to goal-setting and skill-building, all the way into ways we can tell more useful stories about our careers.

As always on Bite-Sized Philosophy, this show is about conversation. Between Kyle and me, but also with you. To make that possible, here’s my phone number: 323-609-5262. Text me and let’s talk.


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