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#56: New Years' Resolutions and Goal-Setting (Kyle Hagge 3/5)

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Today talks about The fresh start effect where your birthday, a new year, anything that's a new situation actually is more effective at changing habits than just a random Tuesday in June. With New Years’ just in the rear-view, how are you doing with your goals? How are you doing with your resolutions? Use this episode as a reminder and a boost for your resolutions to be able to jump-start the new year and make it as good as you can make it.

This week on Bite-Sized Philosophy is an interview series with Kyle Hagge. Kyle has been a podcast producer, non-profit co-founder, and now is the lead community manager at Morning Brew. He is passionate about justice, community, and innovation. Not just the buzzwordy kinds of justice, community, and innovation, but about how people can actually implement these topics in our careers and in our lives and he’s living that out in his current role at Morning Brew.

Find Kyle on Twitter or LinkedIn This week’s topics range from weak ties in relationships and finding community as an adult, to goal-setting and skill-building, all the way into ways we can tell more useful stories about our careers.

As always on Bite-Sized Philosophy, this show is about conversation. Between Kyle and me, but also with you. To make that possible, here’s my phone number: 323-609-5262. Text me and let’s talk.


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