All About Relationships podcast

All About Relationships

Bob and Audrey Meisner

Gain knowledge and accessible skills for you to have healthy, right relationships. Brought to you by Love Married Life. Each week, Bob and Audrey Meisner share their experience and practical advice for having healthy relationships. Bob and Audrey have been helping relationships and marriages for over the past 15 years and gained a wide range of insight into topics such as communication, forgiveness, personality traits, conflict, sex, and tons more. They are excited to share with you their gained experience as they peel back the curtain and share their practical advice. Subscribe and listen today!

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  • All About Relationships podcast

    Bring the Best You


    Imagine bursting at the seams with hope, thus releasing continuous joy into your heart and life. This is the perfect posture for receiving strategy for problem-solving, and strength to withstand any disappointing circumstance or challenge in relationships. Living in hope allows others to experience your best.
  • All About Relationships podcast

    Liberate your Relationships


    We have also become highly charged by the benefits and joy that come from being tender. Without judgment, relationships thrive and move towards peace and ease. We will discuss how labels aren’t inherently bad, yet when used to project them onto people they can become tools of harm. And you’ll be encouraged to let the inner movement of your heart always be to love one another. When you love you don’t lose!
  • All About Relationships podcast

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  • All About Relationships podcast

    God's Plan is Real


    Breakthrough starts with conquering fear and the limiting beliefs that sabotage our lives. If you want the power to truly change your circumstances, you carry the authority to open the door to the fullness of peace, joy, and alignment. But circumstances follow your beliefs. Beliefs come first..and they are either based on love or fear.
  • All About Relationships podcast

    Feeling abandoned? You're not alone.


    If you have ever felt ignored you’re not alone. There’s a desire in every person to feel like they are being prioritized. In this episode, we want to validate the person who easily feels deserted and sometimes pressures their loved ones to feel secure. Physical circumstances will never be perfect enough or safe enough for you to feel 100% secure. We are all subject to the unknown. The good news is, resolve, security and answers are available. Take the powerful journey that will lead you to a place of feeling wanted, nurtured, and cherished. You are first choice, and you’re not alone.
  • All About Relationships podcast

    What’s happening in this world, and what should I do?


    One word. Hope. Those who are hopeful can untangle negative outcomes. Thankfully, you don’t have to wait for circumstances to get better and THEN have hope. Feelings affect our spiritual life because Jesus is love and light, so when we choose feelings that agree with hope, healing, possibilities, and making allowance for other’s faults, we come into agreement with His opinion.
  • All About Relationships podcast

    Living above the circumstances


    A life dream includes relationships that are easy, natural and meaningful. When it comes to accomplishing dreams, most people use force, hard work, drive and fear to make it happen. We love the approach of doing the internal work to live our dreams, and feel the ease and rest of co-creating with God.
  • All About Relationships podcast

    Are you sensitive or touchy?


    Being sensitive to surroundings, people’s feelings, and even the mood of a room is a gift when it comes to relationships. Your ability to feel and evaluate gives you the ability to respond to needs and provide comfort and adjustment.
  • All About Relationships podcast

    How do I help things change?


    Will your current daily habits eventually take you to where you want to be? There are myths about consistency that make it feel like a sacrifice, but let’s focus on the rewards because consistency gives people around you reason to trust you. And that’s a great big invitation into an uncomplicated and enjoyable relationship.
  • All About Relationships podcast

    What am I missing? Tell me please!


    To ask anyone to be everything you need isn’t realistic, and can lead to sadness and hopelessness. Expanding your sense of security and worth apart from any relationship (other than God) is empowering and leads to healthy attachments.
  • All About Relationships podcast

    What do you bring to your relationships?


    Investing in establishing your identity is one of the best gifts you can bring to the people around you. Your identity affects your sense of security, and when we are truly secure and stable, we can see and feel beyond ourselves and love those around us without being self-serving.

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