Watered Wednesdays podcast

Watered Wednesdays

Kathryn and Alli

Just like plants need water to grow, we as humans need “spiritual” water to grow into our best selves. Listen in as hosts Alli & Kathryn discuss fresh insights relating to personal growth through the lens of faith and Christianity. Join these 20-30 somethings as they seek to reveal ways our soul’s thirst can be quenched, refreshed, and matured. Whether you identify with Christianity or not; Watered Wednesdays is a place to engage in the conversation! www.wateredwednesdays.com

60 Episódios

  • Watered Wednesdays podcast

    Diving in with Alli's Nana


    Alli's Nana pops in for a visit on this episode of Watered Wednesdays! Tune in as she shares her story of faith, lots of wisdom, and some encouragement with us and our listeners.
  • Watered Wednesdays podcast

    Overcoming Challenges with Christa Dodge


    Our friend Christa meets with Alli and Kathryn to share about her faith journey, dealing with grief from miscarriage, and overcoming challenging times with believing in God's goodness. You don't want to miss this encouraging story and conversation!
  • Watered Wednesdays podcast

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  • Watered Wednesdays podcast

    Catchin' Up & Staying Watered


    Alli and Kathryn talk about what they're learning lately in their faith... while also discovering flowers aren't plants... say whaatttt!?
  • Watered Wednesdays podcast

    Chatting about Race with Christina Carter


    Alli and Kathryn chat with friend Christina to discuss how she came into her faith, her experience with worship dancing, and her thoughts on racism and the current movement towards unity. Make sure to tune in, and stay watered!
  • Watered Wednesdays podcast

    Spiritual Motherhood with Melanie McIlrath


    Kathryn and Alli chat with Melanie about what it means to bear God's image specifically as women. They touch on motherhood, spiritual motherhood, mentoring, and leaving a legacy of faith. You don't want to miss this one!
  • Watered Wednesdays podcast

    Unpacking the Lord's Prayer


    Alli and Kathryn unpack the Lord's Prayer, fasting and prayer requests vs. gossip. They also announce a 7 day challenge to our listeners!
  • Watered Wednesdays podcast

    Grace and Mercy with Kristen Landenberger


    Alli brings on friend Krsiten Landenberger to discuss her story of faith! Tune in to hear more about how God has transformed and continues to transform her life.
  • Watered Wednesdays podcast

    Hearing God's Voice with Shelly Ford


    Kathryn's Mom (Shelly) joins us for a conversation on dreams, hearing God's voice, and having a deep relationship with Jesus. 
  • Watered Wednesdays podcast

    Lightening Our Load with Betsy Laboe


    Kathryn sits down with friend Betsy to chat about how she came to become a woman of faith. Alli and Kathryn then discuss how sharing our stories of faith can help our world as we are faced with our deep brokenness. Tune in, and stay watered!
  • Watered Wednesdays podcast

    Book Therapy


    Alli and Kathryn discuss a few books that have revealed significant insights to them, and offer a few suggestions for your own bookshelf! Tune in as they share a few goodies and perspectives they've learned from authors they admire.

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