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Do you ever find yourself scrolling through social media and wishing you could switch places with others? Those who are on the beach, in arms of the love of their lives, traveling the world, living in a dream home…


I used to be creating folders with my dream life. And one of the people who really inspired me was @jasminestar and her bright, light photos and such a loving relationship with her school sweetheart, now many years loving husband JD. 


And as I was looking at her feed, I kept asking myself...Wouldn’t it be nice??

Wouldn’t it be nice if I could live on the beach, wouldn’t it be nice to have a love of my life, wouldn’t it be nice if I could just work from my phone as she does….


So today as I was doing dishes and I was in a state of daydreaming, I asked myself…


What would I love to be paid for? And I remember when I asked myself a few years ago that question, what would I love to be paid for, I said I would love to be paid for just reading books. Because any free time I have I am either anywhere around (or in the) water or I’m holding or listening to the book. 


Yet I was thinking that to be paid to read books I would have to be like a book critic or maybe a librarian so I let it go that time. 


Today as I received two new books I realized I am being abundantly paid to read books!!


Because everything I am learning from my mentor, online courses, AND books I am now teaching other women in my business. Whether it is in my online Meant for More Membership, my online mini-course Unapologetically Worthy, or to my 1:1 coaching clients. I read it or heard it somewhere and now I’m sharing and teaching it to others. 


Finding it so fascinating to realize that our subconscious mind takes everything literally and our wish is its command. 


Today I am asking YOU. 




Then write it in your journal, date it, and forget about the how.


Ps: Reviews are like a virtual hug and you know I  LOVE hugs! It would mean a world to me if you could please write me an honest review so more women can find this show 🤗

Thank you so much for your love and support!!

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  • Unapologetically Abundant podcast

    How to create quantum leaps in your personal and professional life


    Looking back on the past week when I hosted Heal the Healer Tulum retreat for women fills my heart with so much love and gratitude.  I experienced quantum leaps of our participants who were receiving clarity, confidence, love, support and focus on their next steps in personal and professional life.  Not only was I able to pour into these beautiful souls so they can heal and rise, I also received immense satisfaction (which for me as a generator in human design is life-giving!) to feel on purpose.  There is no greater pleasure and satisfaction for me in life than to know that I have sparked an idea, vision, or helped deeply heal a woman who is a leader, visionaire and lightworker, who will run with all she has learned and embodied.    These are the three steps that helped me and my clients to create quantum leaps in their lives: 1. Self-awareness  This is the key and foundation. Know yourself, get human design reading (by human design coach that resonates with you or schedule Abundantly Aligned human design reading with me bit.ly/abundantlyaligned When you know who you are and what role you came here to experience your life gets into flow.  2. Invest in yourself  You can invest years of money, energy and effort in trying to figure this life alone OR you can invest in people who walk their talk.  When I am hiring a mentor I always ask myself - would I swap places with them? Are they living a life I want? Are they aligned with my values? 3. Heal deeper  Our healing has many layers.  Experiment with different modalities and allow yourself to go to dark deep places that can feel scary.  Allow yourself to be seen, vulnerable and raw, you never know who you are inspiring.  Thank you for all your love, support, and reviews on Itunes
  • Unapologetically Abundant podcast

    Are you afraid of growing?


    On this episode, we talked about: Sabotage ourselves from growing How we see ourselves projected into the world Having fear of success Taking an honest check with yourself Giving ourselves full permission to grow and take space How are you shrinking yourself?
  • Unapologetically Abundant podcast

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  • Unapologetically Abundant podcast

    How to align with your cycles to amplify your feminine power with Alexis Sabatino


    On this episode, we talked about: We are addicted to our drive   Softening into my yin - my feminine flow  What would devotion look and feel like  Turning our self-care into forced structure  Do things to FEEL vs to achieve  Release rigidity in your life  Choose from your rituals what’s most nourishing  Your cycle is 28-30 days  Tune into your feminine  Birth, rejuvenate and restore  Knowing your body and hormones Tune into when you are ovulating    "I want the younger self of mine to know that she has all the power to manifest all of her desires "   "What helps me to trust is to tap into devotion vs discipline"   "Women are cyclical so your rituals get to change with cycles"    About Alexis: Alexis Sabatino is a certified Holistic Health Coach, Modern Medicine Womxn & Founder of She Heals Collective. She uses Nutrition, Energy Medicine & Embodiment to facilitate radical transformation journeys for feminine entrepreneurs, leaders, healers & artists. She is deeply passionate about teaching womxn how to align their life, body, & business with their feminine rhythms & cycles. She Heals Collective is a space for awakening womxn to reclaim their radiant health, wisdom & power!      
  • Unapologetically Abundant podcast

    Why are you so afraid to be yourself


    As we passed the holiday season I know many of you can be feeling relieved.  Being around family can be sometimes overwhelming, especially when we are not fully aligned with who we really are.  When we are afraid to share what we really think, what we are creating in our lives and what are our true dreams and desires.  Many of our parents and grandparents didn’t live in alignment and abundance and passed that unknowingly to us.  So now we are trying to fit, to not be too much, or too little and keep outsourcing our happiness and worthiness.  Let’s make this year different.  Let’s make this year about you and your own alignment.  These two tools helped me to change my life: 1. Knowing your core values: Write down 20 things you don’t stand for and 20 things you do stand for. Then highlight 3 things you do stand for and take an inventory of your life. OUT with the old and settling. This year is all about you.  2. Get to know yourself deeply: Human design changed my life.  I am now actively using it for myself, my biz, my marriage, and all friends, family, clients and anyone I get to collaborate with.  When you know what is your design, how to be aligned and what is your purpose, your life becomes flow instead of struggle.  For now, I am following my design and doing what really excites me and Human Design is a big part of it.  That’s why I am for a limited time (until it excites me) offering Abundantly Aligned Human design reading.  You will learn the foundations of who you are, what you came here to do, what is your purpose and how to stay aligned on this call. And so much more as my intuition is always guiding me to amazing deep places to support you the best.  You can either try to do it alone and invest hours and days into trying to understand or gift it to yourself and schedule a session with me.  Let’s stay aligned and true to who we really are.  The world needs you for YOU.    Human design reading  https://bit.ly/abundantlyaligned I will see you on the call! 
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    How to reverse your autoimmune disease with Donna Mazzola


    On this episode, we talked about: Spreading knowledge to the world Defining autoimmune disease Preventing diseases to happen Finding a way to disconnect Definition of "real food" Limiting the number of package food Finding quality products Definition of probiotic and prebiotic  Living a healthier life Healing through food   "We eat convenience foods more than we should be, instead of eating a diversity of foods, like vegetables and fruits"   "Whatever it is you're going to be consistent with, that's the movement you should do"   "Having a greater quality and quantity of bacteria in your gut it's very important for your health"   About Donna: My name is Donna Mazzola and I was born in raised in Detroit, MI. I have always been an avid health guru and focused so much on preventative care. I live a pretty active lifestyle, and love running and being outdoors. I currently live in Detroit, MI with my husband and 2 girls. From a young age, I always had a passion for natural healing and preventative care. After obtaining a Doctorate in Pharmacy, this passion became an obsession as my learnings conflicted with my core beliefs. While I maintained what I thought was a healthy lifestyle, my world came to a crashing halt in 2015 when I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. I couldn’t understand why I had developed an autoimmune disease. I started to question, why people develop Autoimmune disorders and why is it that the human body fights itself? After doing my own research, I discovered there was not a concrete answer to any of her questions, but that nutrition plays a critical role. This is something that was never taught to me in conventional medical training. For this reason, I embarked on a journey to gain knowledge in the field of Functional Medicine and Human Nutrition. Through this path, Dr.AutoimmuneGirl was born. A blog with a mission to identify the root cause of disease through health and wellness, and create the balance between nutrition and medicine. Through functional medicine autoimmunegirl focuses on the underlying causes of autoimmune disease and the impact inflammation and gut health have on autoimmune disease management. As a health and wellness professional autoimmunegirl is on a mission to help you get to the root cause of autoimmune disease through education, empowerment, and support.      
  • Unapologetically Abundant podcast

    How to overcome fears of growth


    You can be approaching New Years with expectations hungover or you can look at your journey and embrace the struggle of growth.    Each and every level in our lives will bring in a new expansion and with it also fear.    Fear of failing.    Fear that no one will buy or sign up.    Fear that our loved ones will not get it.    Fear of judgment.    Fear will come and go.    Yet, the choice to look at your life and yourself differently will stay.    Today I am inviting you to look at your life differently.    Today I am inviting you to slow down, to reflect, to ask yourself: Am I still feeling successful? Am I still feeling satisfied?   Am I still waking up excited and eager?   We tend to stay where we are because it is good enough and not really realize that we are the one who is putting a big stop sign to our expansion and dreams.    I am in a stage of a new expansion.    And it is scary and daunting.    Yet deep inside me, I know that inviting the struggle of growth is more fulfilling than accepting  suffering of staying the same.  What scary things are you doing in 2022? What are you growing into this year?    
  • Unapologetically Abundant podcast

    How to change your mindset using therapy to create a fulfilling life with Dr. Cecilia Lopez


    On this episode, we talked about: Reframing thoughts and creating a life that you want Trying to fix me Breaking the cycle within y family Changing generational patterns Having automatic and self-talks Operating from no judgment Bringing attention back to the present moment Shifting and being curious Using imagination for good Allow ourselves to grow   "Core beliefs are created by events in people's life or repetitive events in their life"   "I'm going to teach you everything that I have, you're going to learn this and be able to teach it to other people"   "If you have negative self-talk and only focus on what you do wrong, you start to feed your body with the wrong nutrients"   About Dr. Cecilia: Dr. Cecilia Lopez (she/her) has been practicing therapy for over eight years in California’s South San Francisco Bay Area. She has a doctorate and master’s degree in counseling psychology and is a licensed marriage and family therapist. She has spent a bulk of her career working at non-profits as a clinician and now runs a private online therapy practice. She is particularly keen on working with anxiety, anger and stress-related needs, and enjoys helping others work through fears (and other challenges) that hinder them from creating their ideal life. She playfully refers to herself as a “Fear Coach." Dr. Lopez utilizes cognitive-behavioral and person-centered therapy, as well as expressive arts, mindfulness and meditation techniques to help others restructure thoughts and behaviors while working through emotions. She also encourages the utilization of her clients’ unique cultural backgrounds throughout the therapy process. When not providing therapy, Dr. Lopez provides educational content on mental health and wellness through her podcast (Mindful Living with Dr. Cecilia Lopez #mlwdclpodcast) and various social media platforms. Her mission is to de-stigmatize mental health and the process of attending therapy. She believes therapy can be a beautiful experience and anyone who wants it should be able to access and utilize it without hesitation. She also enjoys providing training and hosting meet-ups online and in the community (Restructuring Thoughts, Emotions & Behaviors w/ Dr. Lopez via meetup.com
  • Unapologetically Abundant podcast

    How to create stressfree Christmas and receive the biggest gift


    Whether you are celebrating Christmas or not you will be feeling the collective energy around you.    And that will give you two options: You can either be stressing about spending money, not having enough time, worrying about calories and feeling rushed.    OR    You can see Christmas time to be the time to slow down, to re-assess, re-align and to be fully present.    Because my love is the biggest gift you can give to yourself and those around you.    To be fully present, joyful and happy.    Imagine a world that we are really feeling all thankful, present, and joyful.    Even if for one day, heck even for a moment, if we are all in the vibration of appreciation and being present we are shifting the energy of the whole world.    So I invite you today to ask yourself: How can I be even more present? How can I celebrate what is? How can I slow down? What can I appreciate?   You are such a special gift to this world, my love.    Allow the Universe to unpack you with all your wholeness and share yourself with the world.    It needs you.    I love you, I see you, I receive you!
  • Unapologetically Abundant podcast

    How to use yoga to bring out your best self with Mary Ochsner


    On this episode, we talked about: Building community around you Being the best version of yourself Getting used to our routine  Listening to curiosity Discovering your intuition Becoming comfortable in the discomfort Searching for instant gratification Helping as many people as you can Showing up today and putting in the work Be present and feel your body "I started to feel comfortable, confident and loving with my own body when I practice yoga" "One of my biggest changes was being able to press pause and slow down, observe and just be able to sit with that" "My biggest goal is to help people who want to start their own yoga practice, break down the barriers and show them the steps to start"   About Mary: Is being stressed and overwhelmed your “normal”? It was also for Mary until she tried her first yoga class. After the relief, clarity, and sense of connection she experienced she wanted everyone to have that feeling too. She learned to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. And tasted the feeling of patience versus instant gratification that we are surrounded with nowadays. You can connect with Mary on Instagram where she posts her amazing yoga videos for anyone who wants to dive into the practice.   IG: https://www.instagram.com/maryochsner/   And because I am seeing so many results in my life and my clients I am creating mini sessions for Human Design reading that will reveal to you how to be Abundantly Aligned in your life too.    DM me the words ABUNDANTLY ALIGNED to get on a waiting list when we launch in January  www.instagram.com/petiakolibova Or email me [email protected]    I LOVE YOU, I SEE YOU, I RECEIVE YOU
  • Unapologetically Abundant podcast

    Why you haven‘t manifested your desires yet and how to attract all you really want in 2022


    As we are approaching the end of the year you might be looking back and not feel fulfilled.    All those New Year's goals and resolutions that didn’t come true might be weighing on you.    I am here to reveal for you why you might not have manifested your desires yet and also of course to give you the know-how in 2022 to do it differently.    If you are anything like me you have probably been setting goals with all the details, deadlines and specifications.    Some of them might come true and many you didn’t even remember the week after you wrote them down.    I have been the same way and it can actually work for me because I am a specific manifestor in a human design.    See, the world is conditioning us and telling us that we all have to just go and JUST DO IT.    That we have to be detailed, and specific and plan otherwise we can’t fulfill our desires.    And that is not true for all of us.    Some people are not designed to be specific because they are non-specific manifestors.    When you download your human design chart (can do it free at the link below) : https://www.jovianarchive.com/get_your_chart   Looking at your chart on the right bottom arrow by your head on the body chart you will see if you are specific or nonspecific.    If you are specific the arrow will be pointing to the left  If you are nonspecific the arrow will be pointing to the right    Just by knowing this information can totally revolutionize your world!    Because as a specific manifestor you can get into all the specifics, details, and it will help you get clarity to your desires.    It is like writing an order to the universe.    As a nonspecific manifestor you get to be general with your desires.  You get to just have a general idea, general direction and then literally surrender to the Universe and let it surprise you.  Because what the Universe plans for you is so much bigger.    Getting clear on your desires by design:   Specific manifestor NonSpecific Manifestor $120.000 income $80.000 or more annual income  Living in 5 bedroom one story home with pool Living in a comfortable home  Traveling to Europe for a month Have the freedom to explore  Having weekly dates to new places with my husband Feeling like the only one with my man  And the list goes on and on….   You get the point, my love.    There is no one right way to do things and to live in alignment.    And because I am seeing so many results in my life and my clients I am creating mini sessions for Human Design reading that will reveal to you how to be Abundantly Aligned in your life too.    DM me the words ABUNDANTLY ALIGNED to get on a waiting list when we launch in January  www.instagram.com/petiakolibova Or email me [email protected]    I LOVE YOU, I SEE YOU, I RECEIVE YOU

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