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    Keebcast 44 - Messing with Keebs and Talking to Chat


    This week Alex and Ragan got together to look at and talk about a couple of keyboards and just hang out with chat! We really love doing these more laid-back streams with you guys and we hope guys have a lot of fun with them as well. Happy Birthday to the king, Mr. Alexotos! Have a great week! - Chase (Who was absent this week)
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    Keebcast 43 - Community Keeb Showcase (Video Version Recommended)


    This week we did something very different for Keebcast! We had viewers submit pictures of their keyboards in Alex's Discord server. We had so many submissions that we are going to have to do another part to this or make this a regular segment of Keebcast! Watch the video by searching "Keebcast" on YouTube or going to the following link: Thank you guys for all of the submissions and thank you for watching and listening to us ramble about keyboards! Hope you have a fantastic week! - Chase
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    Keebcast 42 - Flipping, Fakes, and Fan Art


    This week on Keebcast we decided to talk about some topics that all of us feel very passionate about. Resellers are inevitable in a market where exclusivity and limited quantities exist. Our hope is that we can educate people on how flipping is ultimately taking away from those who would have purchased the product at retail cost. We also talk about fake products within the industry in hopes that people understand that when they purchase fake keycap sets or even fake artisan keycaps, they are truly hurting the designer of the set at the end of the day. Thank you all so much for listening to the 3 of us ramble on and thank you to those of you who were able to make it to the live show! Have a fantastic week! - Chase
  • Keebcast podcast

    Keebcast 41 - Ft. BTMC & Soran


    This week we were joined by TWO guests! BTMC ( - Online personality, a top osu! player, and a lover of keyboards, and Soran - one of the nicest community pillars the mech hobby could ask for. We talk a lot about different issues with certain switches in high-performance situations and also just have a good time talking about random stuff as well. Big thank you to BTMC and Soran and a huge thanks to all of you who were able to watch live! Have a fantastic week! - Chase
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    Keebcast 40 - Ft. ChozoGhost89 (Community Staple)


    For this episode, we sat down with everyone's favorite community member and critically acclaimed Twitch moderator, Chozo! We wanted to have some fun with Chozo so we kind of went all over the place when it came to conversation. From fast food to keyboards, we covered it all. Thank you to all of you who were able to make it to the live stream and a special thanks to Chozo for being on Keebcast and also for just being an awesome person. Have a fantastic week! - Chase
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    Keebcast 39 - Ft. EURApsd (Designer & Streamer)


    In this episode, we are joined by EURA (! She is the head designer of KAM Li'l Dragon and has been a key part any many designs within the community. We had a lot of fun talking about being a designer within the mech community and understanding what it means to put yourself out there and share your designs and ideas. Big thanks to all who were able to watch us live and a huge thank you to EURA for hopping on the call with us. Have a fantastic week! - Chase
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    Keebcast 38 - Staying Positive & Having Fun


    For this podcast, it was Ragan, Alex, and myself (Chase). If you guys haven't heard, we are looking to do more podcasts where we don't have a guest and we just kind of have a good time. This week we spent a good amount of time talking about some of our most positive experiences in the hobby and we got way off track when we started talking about whether it is "soda' or it is "pop"... Also, Ragan doesn't believe there are people who call all sodas "coke". Thank you to everyone who was able to catch this live! Hope you have a fantastic week! - Chase
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    Keebcast 37 - Ft. Olivia (GMK Olivia & VIA)


    This week we sat down with Olivia (! Olivia is one of the minds behind VIA. She has also created a couple of semipopular GMK sets in GMK Olivia and GMK Olive. We had great conversations about the success of GMK Olivia and how the different features of the set came to be. We also spent time talking about VIA and where it started. Olivia is such an influential person within this community, and we sincerely thank her for the contributions she has made. Thank you to Olivia for her time and thank you to all of you who were able to stop by for the livestream! Have a fantastic week! - Chase
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    Keebcast 36 - The OG Three


    Hope you all are doing well! This episode is one we have been looking to do for a while now. We have really enjoyed bringing on other voices from the community and just having a conversation with them and with all of you in the live chat. However, we really miss having the opportunity for the 3 of us to just hang out with chat and have a good time. With that being said, we are going to start doing Keebcast as the three of us every-other-week, and continue to bring on guests on the weeks in-between! Hope you guys enjoyed this episode. Have a fantastic week! - Chase
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    Keebcast 35 - Ft. Langelandia


    In this episode of Keebcast, we are joined by Jeff Langeland ( Langelandia is the mind behind sets like GMK Cafe and IFK 808-Boom. We had a lot of fun talking about the community as a whole and the direction we see the scene moving in. We were also introduced to some cool custom keyboard components within this episode! Thank you to all who were able to join us live and thank you to Jeff for giving up your Sunday evening to chat with us! Have a fantastic week! - Chase

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