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Two Dudes Talking Motorcycles

TDTM Podcast

Hi and thanks for stopping by and welcome to Two Dudes Talking Motorcycles! We're Gleb and Mitch, the two dudes that like to talk about motorcycles and instead of just talking amongst ourselves we wanted to share out conversations with you.

On this podcast we discuss motorcycle related news, various bikes that we have ridden or are announced, our motorcycling experience, and everything else motorcycle related.

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If you want to connect with us, suggest a topic, or give us some feedback feel free to reach out to us at:

Email: [email protected]
Instagram/Threads: @TDTMotorcycles

Or you can reach us individually:

Gleb: Instagram/Threads: @gleblapham

YouTube: @gleblapham

Mitch: Instagram: @meech2dbeech

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