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S5E10: I Love You to Death (Killer Wives)

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In the Season 5 finale, your host JD Horror brings you tales of wives who could no longer tolerate the domestic abuse they suffered at the hands of their husbands, eventually snapping and murdering those they gave their sacred vows to. These black widows relished in the death of their spouses and show no remorse to this day.

Case #1: The Suitcase - Sarah Boone chose to play a deadly game of hide and seek with her common law partner Jorge Torres Jr, locking him in Suitcase until he slowly lost consciousness never to awaken again. This case features extremely disturbing source audio of cell phone footage taken by the killer as she berates her lover over and over as he struggles to cling to life, as well as bodycam footage from the crime scene and her interrogation. Listener discretion is advised. (S. Boone, Winter Park, Florida)

Case #2: The Bubble and Squeak Murder - Penelope Jackson and her husband David had a combined total of seven marriages between them, however their holy matrimony wouldn't end in divorce but instead at the hands of a bloody knife. Featuring 999 audio (The British version of 911) and footage from her arrest, the sheer lack of remorse demonstrated by this little old lady will have you on the edge of your seat. (P. Jackson, England)

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This episode features research and writing by Mis Demeanor, music by Mechanical Ghost, Producer LB from the No One Likes Us Podcast, and The Quiet Type as well as Artwork by Nuclear Heat Graphics. Sources for this episode’s cases are available in the credits section of our website.

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