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Welcome to TreasuryCast, the podcast series brought to you by Treasury Management International, a well-respected and independent voice in the treasury world. TreasuryCast showcases topical, pragmatic solutions and strategic insights providing valuable material for all practitioners, from experienced treasurers and CFOs to those new to the profession.

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    HSBC’s Sibos Spotlight: Investing in the Future – from Diversity to Green Deposits


    In the final instalment of HSBC's Sibos Spotlight, Eleanor Hill (TMI) invites Nadine Lagarmitte and Suraj Kalati (HSBC) to consider how corporates' attitudes to ESG are changing, including a growing interest in ESG investment. Our guests explain the incentives behind HSBC's green deposit scheme, explore how ESG product development is evolving in response to tighter regulation, and share their key lessons for leaders looking to embrace the social values of ESG.
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    HSBC’s Sibos Spotlight: The ESG Landscape – what every treasurer needs to know


    In the third edition of HSBC's Sibos Spotlight Podcast series, TMI's Eleanor Hill invites Farnam Bidgoli (HSBC) to provide an in-depth overview of the current ESG landscape, so that treasurers can build a credible sustainability strategy. Amongst an excess of ESG insights, our guest explains how treasury teams can prepare for upcoming regulatory changes including the EU Taxonomy, demonstrates how to leverage ESG KPIs, and clarifies how treasurers can transition to an ESG-led approach in their daily operations.
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  • TreasuryCast podcast

    The Path to Transformational Global Cash Visibility


    Davina Bradley (CEVA Logistics) and Conor Deegan (CashAnalytics) join TMI’s Eleanor Hill to explore how treasurers can transform their cash visibility and forecasting within their business in a matter of weeks using a tried and trusted method facilitated by a bespoke technology solution.
  • TreasuryCast podcast

    HSBC’s Sibos Spotlight: Embedding ESG in Trade and Supply Chains


    In the second podcast from HSBC's Sibos Spotlight series, TMI's Eleanor Hill speaks to Surath Sengupta (HSBC) about embedding ESG into trade and supply chains. Our guest shares many valuable insights on how treasurers can improve their ESG metrics in the trade space, discusses the barriers to overcome when leveraging sustainable solutions, and considers if external collaboration between treasury departments and their suppliers is the key to ESG implementation success.
  • TreasuryCast podcast

    Lost in Transaction: Overcoming Payments Pitfalls


    From simple errors to duplicates, fraud and sanctions violations, there are a number of areas where payments can go wrong – especially in the real-time environment. In this podcast, TMI speaks to Andrew Ferrao (Sonnedix), Alroy D'Cruz and Barry O'Sullivan (Kyriba), who examine common pain points and outline ways to improve payment workflows through better connectivity, control, and optimisation.
  • TreasuryCast podcast

    HSBC's Sibos Spotlight: Central Bank Digital Currencies


    The first edition of HSBC’s Sibos Spotlight series sees TMI’s Eleanor Hill joined by Mark Williamson and James Pomeroy (HSBC) to discuss the hot topic of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). Our guests discuss the reaction from different central banks to the emergence of CBDCs, consider the potential implications of these currencies on global economies, and demystify what sets CBDCs apart from other digital currencies.
  • TreasuryCast podcast

    Payments Vision 2025: The Inside Track


    Wim Grosemans, Steven Lenaerts (BNP Paribas) and Wim Raymaekers (SWIFT) join TMI’s Eleanor Hill to outline their vision for the payments landscape in 2025. Our guests consider how recent developments such as instant payments, real-time treasury, and digital currencies could shake up the treasury community of the future, and envision how the financial ecosystem as a whole – including corporates, banks and institutions – can usher in the advent of these new value-added services.
  • TreasuryCast podcast

    Building a Data Driven Cash Forecast (with Minimum Effort)


    TMI's Eleanor Hill is joined by Conor Deegan, CashAnalytics, and TMI Award winner François Masquelier to discuss how to make use of internal and external cash flow data sources to create reliable and accurate cash flow forecasts.  The panel discuss what data you need to build a high value cash flow forecast, what automation opportunities exist, what data driven looks like and much more.    
  • TreasuryCast podcast

    Tackling the Complexities of IBOR Transition


    TMI's Ben Poole speaks to Shaun Kennedy (Associated British Ports), Tassos Dimopoulos (Salmon Software), and Svenja Schumacher (Deloitte) to provide listeners with everything they need to know about the upcoming transition from IBOR to risk-free rates (RFRs). Our guests provide advice on how companies can reduce reliance on IBOR and consider how the transition will affect the global financial marketplace.
  • TreasuryCast podcast

    KYC: How to Streamline Customer Reference Data in Treasury Processes


    In this podcast, Cornelia Hesse (EACT/ VDT) speaks to Noëlle Belmimoun (ArcelotMittal/ AFTE), Patrick Holemans (SWIFT), Séverine Le Blévennec (Aliaxis), Tarek Tranberg (EACT) and Stephan Wolf (GLEIF) about how treasurers can streamline customer-reference data and due diligence processes in treasury applications. Our guests consider the initiatives which can lower the burdens of data-heavy treasury and compliance processes, and determine how these factors could enhance the security and efficiency of data-driven treasury processes.

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