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Every other Monday, Pauly and Chance talk about the table top game Blood Bowl (from Games Workshop), discussing both general aspects of the game and giving you the rundown of the standings in their local leagues with entertaining and funny commentary.

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  • Three Die Block podcast

    Episode 174- Interview with a Nazgob


    In this episode, the lads welcome Naz from the across the digital pond to discuss Thrudball; one of the world's foremost small-headed barbarian lovefest/charitable tournaments!  Are BB players' hearts actually bigger than other gamers...or is it all the Big Moots and Bugman's brews.  Join us as we leave it all on the field (seriously, it's probably the Bugman's) in the latest episode of Three Die Block!
  • Three Die Block podcast

    Episode 173 - Fling Flang Floom


    Halflings have been climbing the tournament charts like a squirrel up a treeman!  Drew, Time and Chance dig into this mystery like a Fling into a post-match pasty! Are the lads half in the bag?  And is that bag filled with gold or donuts....or both?  Tune in and find out!
  • Three Die Block podcast

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  • Three Die Block podcast

    Episode 172 - Caught Red Carded


    Welcome to Episode 172 where the team takes a look at the new, on pitch optional rules for the referee introduced in White Dwarf 466.  A quick trip down memory lane, and the introduction to the 16 new coaches for the newest season for the Quest for the Critical Hit Cup!
  • Three Die Block podcast

    Episode 1717 - Now Hiring


    Welcome to Episode 171!   We're glad you've decided to submit your resume here.  The first portion of this interview reviews your experience coaching and/or wizarding.  Up next, tell us about a time you were a Blood Bowl mercenary and what skills you picked up along the way.   We're looking forward to working with you!    
  • Three Die Block podcast

    Episdoe 170 - An Errata with Divas (Baby) and Throwing Shade


    Welcome to Episode 170 of Three Die Block.  With the flexibility of a Kislev dancing bear, the gentleman of 3DB pivot gracefully between from 2 rule books revealed this episode, diving deep into the May 2021 FAQ just published by GW as well as the new rules surrounding passing.  A quick backflip into the league round up and cheering fans helps the lads stick the landing.  
  • Three Die Block podcast

    Episdoe 169 - Noble Gases


    Welcome to Episode 169! It seems like only yesterday we were breaking down Spike 11!   In this Episode, Spike 12 hits our desk for a very quick review.  In Part 2 and 3 we dive into the Imperial Nobility 4.0 as well as a review of the the new card pack for Nobles.  Sit back and relax as Chance and Tim slowly drive Drew insane!  
  • Three Die Block podcast

    Episode 168 - Full Moon Fever


    Welcome to Episode 168! With Halloween just around the corner, it's time for us to break down Spike 11, the Necro.  We delve into content and give you our 4.0 team review.  In part 2, we breakdown the Necro Cards and answer the age old question:  who will say Whilst correctly?   Thanks for listening! 
  • Three Die Block podcast

    Episode 167 - 4.0 Black Orcs


    Welcome to Episode 167! Today we introduce the new and improved team review in our first 4.0 series.  Up first, the newly assembled and fresh out of the box Black Orc team grabs Chance's fancy.  Part 2, Tim takes us to church in the the Rulebook Revealed; teaching all that will listen the right way to Prayer to Nuffle. Finally, Drew shows everyone how to be humble as he reviews Finals of the final BB16 Critical Hit Cup.  Thanks for listening!
  • Three Die Block podcast

    Episode 166 - Building Blocks


    Welcome to Episode 166!  The fellas dive into the rulebook once more to explore changes to how you build and then redraft a team.  In part two, getting your players to the next level is discussed, as player advancement falls under their keen microscope.  
  • Three Die Block podcast

    Wonderful Fouling Night


    You won't stop humming once you listen to this little ditty!   Merry New Year from the team at Three Die Block!

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