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Episode 104 - Mike Lust (Double Plus Encore Special)

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Chicago musician slash wizard Mike Lust has just released his long awaited solo debut Demented Wings (Forge Again) and it's amazing. This episode is an encore redux of our talk on Sept 21st, 2020 plus a recent chat about his new record and even more revelations from his storied past as the brain and namesake of Chicago bands Luster King and Tight Phantomz and as engineer and producer for so many bands at his studio Phantom Manor before it's untimely demise a few years ago. Get reacquainted with this firebrand performer known for high kicks and shredding licks with his new record that reveals so much more of him than ever before. 

IG @mikelust1 

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    Episode 114 - Jim Suptic


    Jim Suptic and his band The Get Up Kids were too young to play clubs in the 90's KCMO scene, so they went on tour and played houses and all-ages shows across the world, and quickly became place-holders in the Emo Icons category, on tour with and inspiring a litany of bands like Blink 182. Now Jim is part of a non-profit called the Steps of Faith Foundation that raises funds for prosthetics for recent amputees, and their signature event for the past 5 years is called Thundergong at the Uptown Theater in KC, starring KC native Jason Sudeikis (SNL/Ted Lasso) and an increasingly star-studded line-up including Michael McDonald, Sammy Hagar and Will Forte.    
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    Episode 113 - Henry Owings


    The mind of Chunklet Magazine creator Henry Owings is a many tentacled beast, unable to be sated with just one calling or defined by one title. Archivist, author, designer, show promoter, comedian, producer, tour manager; he's lived, curated, celebrated and skewered, chronicled and helped to establish the Athens/ATL region as the bastion of heavy-duty indie rock history it is. His new book PLUS 1 : ATHENS Show Flyers From a Legendary Scene 1967-2002 puts his multiple talents on display and continues his reign as a fount of energy and infotainment. 
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    Episode 112 - Ross Hurt


    When Rigs Of Dad started in IG, musician Ross Hurt had no idea he would have 85k followers in a scant few years. He's parlayed that into the excellent R.O.D. podcast and continues his musical journey started with his band Black Clouds in DC into his current project Burial Waves and their new EP Holy Ground (Dark Operative). It's a sea change in sound for him and Matt Dowling (Deleted Scenes), Jimmy Rhodes (Black Clouds), Kyle Durfey (Pianos Become The Teeth) and Kevin Hilliard (Caverns) as they cast a wide net in their new found dynamic range, as tracked by J Robbins and mixed by Paul Malinowski.  Burial Waves -Holy Ground  IG - @rigsofdad 
  • Third Gear Scratch podcast

    Episode 111 - Katy Guillen


    When Katy Guillen was but a wee lass, her father would bring her around to play her brand of the blues on guitar at open mic jam sessions in KC and the midwest, stoking the fire in her, curating and aiding her evolution from prodigious wunderkind into her current state of songwriting machine and indie-blues stalwart. She prefers writing in collaboration with her amazing trio and sees the reward in a better song, but the seed of the song is Katy, her voice and her guitar. We talk about dark days in the covid, her life in KC, late nights eating with her father after the jams at greasy spoons, the marriage-like existence of a band, and why her new record written over the pandemic is her finest work yet. 
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    Episode 110 - Tierney Tough Returns!


    Return-guest and songwriter Tierney Tough survived and in fact thrived during the Covid era by hunkering down and creating, starting with a series of covers with her angular pop band The Pauses on the Quarantunes EP, which led straight into the creation of her own solo EP, A Farce To Be Reckoned With. It's a personal high-water mark for this bassist and pianist as she reckons with her life in Florida, first as a native of Orlando and now Gainesville and it's impact on her life and times. We stare down thorny topics like Taco Bell, the risk vs reward of playing live shows now, especially in FL, and why J Robbins of Jawbox is the absolute perfect producer. 
  • Third Gear Scratch podcast

    Episode 109 - Xavier Alexander


    To say Xavier Alexander is busy is to miss the point. He's a recovering musician and has reanimated himself as Roaster/Founder/CEO of METRIC COFFEE. He has created a brand of specialty coffees that puts people over profits. METRIC has no board, no investors, and they're blowing the bloody doors off the coffee market in Chicago and beyond. The years creating this brand were filled with endless workdays, side jobs, diligent saving, baby-making, getting jilted, learning from loss, coffee roasting, world traveling, with sustainability, labor fairness, and transparency in reporting as focus. Now his inner-artist is able to grow the brand with his own Source Code Magazine and Podcast and killer collabs with artists like Iron and Wine and Spotlights. 
  • Third Gear Scratch podcast

    Episode 108 - Chuck Whittington


    Chuck Whittington of namelessnumberheadman makes music that is at once analog and digital, acoustic and electronic, whimsical and sad, seemingly mundane and matter-of-factly magical. Their new record Plot the Points is a high water mark for a band of old friends from KC via Oklahoma who've made music for the past 20 years that has kept them sane and garnered rave reviews from the indie cognoscenti along the way. It's a wide-ranging chat with a talented multi-instrumentalist, working man and rad dad who's making the best music of his life. 
  • Third Gear Scratch podcast

    Episode 107 - Buzz Osborne


    Buzz Osborne has cultivated and nourished the kingdom over which he and his musical partner of almost 40 years, drummer Dale Crover currently reign with particular care taken to keep the masses of MELVINS fans sated. He and his wife Mackie are the architects of not only the traditional MELVINS releases but also the  hand screen-printed, letter press and limited edition releases that are manna from heaven for their flock. We talk about their new release Five Legged Dog which features about 30 of their "hits" reimagined as all-acoustic numbers. We also talk about growing up, school, their uncanny sense of vocal harmonies, rotating bassists and his unending dark sense of humor and whimsy that has dictated and rewarded his career.
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    Episode 106 - Mike Sullivan


    When Mike Sullivan created Russian Circles with his hockey homie and drummer Dave Turnkrantz, it's evolution from larvae to butterfly was almost immediate; the writing was streamlined instantly  and there was an innate and unconscious understanding of what the goal was here: to make themselves happy. They write to scratch the itch that can only be reached through therapy and rocking. We talk life, writing, searching, making, fighting, cooking, car accidents, family and all while they're in Chicago making a new record at Electrical Audio with Kurt Ballou.  
  • Third Gear Scratch podcast

    Episode 105 - Heidi Phillips


    Heidi Phillips found the inspirado the reform her influential band Frogpond after almost 20 years ironically at the celebration of life of her drummer Billy Johnson at the Madrid Theater in 2017, and in the ensuing years has secured a lineup that make her new music even more relevant and powerful than she imagined, with a new LP Time Thief (Black Site) recorded by Shiner bassist Paul Malinowski that showcases the heft and dynamic of the band. Time Thief is a testament to the fact that Heidi and Frogpond broke ground for all-female bands and broke the mold for what they should sound like.  IG Frogpondkc

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