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The Inaugural TTC Meeting, Agricultural Trade, and Reconciliation

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In this week’s Trade Guys episode, the Trade Guys preview what to expect from the inaugural meeting of the U.S.-EU Trade and Technology Council, from export controls to semiconductors. They also cover recent remarks from Ambassador Tai about trade and agriculture and discuss a trade proposal from Senator Portman.

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  • The Trade Guys podcast

    Climate and Trade


    In this week’s episode of the Trade Guys, Bill and Scott talk all things climate, including proposed amendments to the EU’s carbon border adjustment mechanism, USMCA auto rules of origin and EVs, and underlying causes of global food prices.
  • The Trade Guys podcast

    Dairy Dispute, Walmart vs. China, and 2022 Look-Ahead


    In this episode, Guest Host Jasmine Lim and the Trade Guys talk about the findings from a USMCA dispute panel on Canada's tariff rate quotas in the dairy industry. They also discuss the latest controversy over Walmart pulling products from Xinjiang in their Sam's Club stores. The Trade Guys look ahead to 2022 and predict what the biggest trade issues will be, as well as say farewell to Jasmine for her last episode.
  • The Trade Guys podcast

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  • The Trade Guys podcast

    2021 Wrap-Up and Looking Ahead to 2022


    In this episode, Andrew and the Trade Guys recap the year of 2021 in U.S. trade policy. They cover the latest updates on the WTO, the Biden Administration's plan for the Indo-Pacific region, inflation, lingering supply chain issues, and more. Where does the U.S. currently stand, and what lies ahead for trade policy priorities in the new year?
  • The Trade Guys podcast

    The EU's New Trade Weapon, EV Tax Credits, and Uyghur Bill in Congress


    In this episode, Guest Host Jasmine Lim and the Trade Guys discuss the EU's proposal for an anti-coercion trade weapon. They discuss politics behind the EU's proposal and what it means for relations with the U.S. and China. They also discuss the ongoing EV tax credit debate in Congress and the House's consideration of the Uyghur bill.
  • The Trade Guys podcast

    Industrial Policy, IPEF, USTR Trip to India, and E-Commerce


    In this episode, Guest Host Jasmine Lim and the Trade Guys talk about the latest updates to the reconciliation bill, a new Indo-Pacific framework announced by USTR Tai and Secretary Raimondo, and new developments in the US-India trade relationship. They also touch on the U.S. decision to join the MC12 proposal to extend the WTO e-commerce moratorium.
  • The Trade Guys podcast

    Discussing Listening for America's Latest Report with Cathy Novelli


    In this episode, the Trade Guys invite Cathy Novelli, a former trade negotiator and State Department official, for a conversation about Listening for America's recent report. Listening for America is a nationwide listening tour dedicated to understanding how individual communities and businesses view trade and globalization.
  • The Trade Guys podcast

    Digital Trade, COP26, and Fish Friends


    In this episode, Guest Host Jasmine Lim and the Trade Guys discuss USTR Tai's remarks on digital trade and gaps in the Biden Administration's policy approach in the Indo-Pacific region. They also give a mid-COP26 breakdown of the latest updates, including pledges from the business community and the outlook for renewable energy sources. And, with the WTO Ministerial Conference coming up at the end of the month, they discuss the most recent developments on environmental goods and fisheries subsidies.
  • The Trade Guys podcast

    Discussing U.S. Trade Policy with Ed Gresser


    In this episode, the Trade Guys invite Ed Gresser from the Progressive Policy Institute for a chat on U.S. trade policy in the Trump and Biden administrations. They also discuss worker-centric trade, how globalization has been affected over the last few years, and what the future of trade could hold.
  • The Trade Guys podcast

    APEC: The Art of What’s Possible


    On this week’s episode, the Trade Guys host Monica Hardy Whaley of the National Center for APEC and discuss past successes and upcoming agenda items at APEC, from digital policy to inclusivity and sustainability.
  • The Trade Guys podcast

    Cookie Monster's Supply Chain Crisis and WTO Update


    In this episode, Andrew and the Trade Guys discuss supply chain challenges, and the lack of shipping containers and truck drivers, storage availability at ports, and shortages in the food industry. The Trade Guys also touch on China's trade policy review at the WTO and reflect on Ambassador Katherine Tai's recent speech reaffirming U.S. support for the World Trade Organization.

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