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The Third Reich History Podcast

Ryan Stackhouse and Chris Osmar

Podcast by Ryan Stackhouse and Chris Osmar

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  • The Third Reich History Podcast podcast

    The Concentration Camps Part Two - Expansion and Peacetime Camp Life


    The concentration camps symbolize the Holocaust. But the twisted road to Auschwitz was only one path in a wider system of terror. How did the concentration camp system change from 1935 to 1938? Who was in charge? How did the camps go from shrinking to expanding? What was the SS camp culture? What was life like for the prisoners? Join us for part two of our series on the evolution of the concentration camp system. In this episode, Chris and Ryan examine the expansion and experience of the pre-war camps up to Kristallnacht. Sources: Nick Wachsmann,Christopher Dillon, Eugen Kogon, Stanislav Zamecknik, Shlomo Aronson
  • The Third Reich History Podcast podcast

    The Accountant of Auschwitz


    How did the Accountant of Auschwitz end up before a court at 93 years of age? Who bears responsibility for genocide? What justice can there be for crimes committed a lifetime ago? Join us for a conversation with Ricki Gurwitz about the thorny moral issues raised by her new documentary. The news this week recounts the experiences of one survivor who appeared for the prosecution against Gröning before a forty minute discussion of the film.
  • The Third Reich History Podcast podcast

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  • The Third Reich History Podcast podcast

    Post-War Justice and Aschenauer


    Who defended Nazi war criminals after 1945? What limited prosecution and how did the German public think about post-war justice? Tune in to our interview with Craig Sorvillo about his research on Rudolf Aschenauer to find out! Get a hold of us on twitter @staxomatix or through email to
  • The Third Reich History Podcast podcast

    Slave Labour after Stalingrad - The Chrissertation Part 2


    How did life change for slave labour after Stalingrad? How did the German way of irregular warfare shape their experience as a vital yet dangerous resource in Nazi eyes? In part two, Chris begins by briefly describing the foreign worker program and the functions of work education camps before discussing life under the bombs as a foreign worker. He then reveals how German counterinsurgency doctrine, and Allied agitpropaganda, shaped the use of violence to maintain control.
  • The Third Reich History Podcast podcast

    Nazi Colonial Precedents - The Chrissertation Part 1


    How did an oppressive system become a murderous one? How was the Nazi foreign worker program built upon colonial precedents? In our latest episode, Ryan interviews Chris about his freshly defended dissertation on forced labour under Nazism. In part one, Chris tells us why he became a historian before outlining his main arguments and explaining their significance. A lively digression about the difficulties of working with court records and oral sources ensues. Then, Chris outlines the German theory and practice of forced labour over the long term from Southwest Africa up to the fall of the Nazis.
  • The Third Reich History Podcast podcast

    Himmler's Ministry of the Interior


    Chris is back! In his triumphant return, we discuss how the Reich Ministry of the Interior functioned as the war turned against Germany. What changed after Himmler took control? Who was Wilhelm Stuckart? What was the SS theory of government administration? Tune in to find out!
  • The Third Reich History Podcast podcast

    The Roots of Nazism Part Five - Origins of the Judeo Bolshevik Conspiracy


    Where did the Nazi idea of a Judeo Bolshevik Conspiracy come from? How were modern anti-Semitic tropes woven into a narrative of Jewish puppet masters? In the first half of a two part Roots of Nazism episode, join Ryan for a whirlwind overview of modern anti-Semitism from the Enlightenment to the end of the First World War.
  • The Third Reich History Podcast podcast

    The Origins of Gestapo Power


    How did a democratic police force transform into the Gestapo in three short years? Tune in to find out and bear in mind the words of Martin Luther King Jr. “Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal.”
  • The Third Reich History Podcast podcast

    Archival Expedition Part Two - Tools of the Trade


    How do historians come up with questions and find sources with answers? What are the ins and outs of working in an archive? In an episode chock full of resources, Ryan waxes poetic about overcoming the obstacles of taking research from conception to completion. Links: Klaus Gietinger on Wolfgang Niess, Die Revolution von 1918/19: Der wahre Beginn unserer Demokratie and Joachim Käppner, 1918 – Aufstand für die Freiheit: Die Revolution der Besonnenen. Archivportal Center for Research Libraries Worldcat (for all your ILL needs) NARA Captured German Records Digitized Finding Aids for the Records of Reich Leader SS and Chief of German Police
  • The Third Reich History Podcast podcast

    The Roots of Nazism Part Four - Criminalizing Conversation


    How do authoritarians silence dissent? How were libel laws used to criminalize criticism? What punishments awaited those who spoke out against Hitler? Find out in the latest Roots of Nazism episode as Ryan traces the development of Orwellian speech laws governing private conversation.

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