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The Talk Show features discussion about technology, Apple, Mac, iPhone, iPad, movies, directors, and the Web. It’s America’s favorite podcast. Hosted by John Gruber & Dan Benjamin.

90 Episódios

  • The Talk Show podcast

    90: Phiwladelphia


    John and Dan discuss Steve Jobs dressed as Willy Wonka, RIM and who really needs to wake up, mobile profits and design sense, the Pebble, and Ebert's greatest films list and a survey of great directors.
  • The Talk Show podcast

    89: The Escalators Only Go One Way


    John Gruber and Dan Benjamin discuss the availability unavailability of WWDC tickets, analyst *estimates* and Apple's earnings, Google Drive, clicky keyboards, sitting and standing, and hoagies, subs, and grinders.
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  • The Talk Show podcast

    88: I'd Get A Super Yacht


    John and Dan discuss iOS text editors, Read It Later/Pocket going free, Pinboard, WWDC, The Android Lockdown, the future of Windows and Nokia, and the James Bond novels going Amazon.
  • The Talk Show podcast

    87: Don't Geotag Your Junk


    John and Dan talk about the Flashback virus, Instagram, Facebook, privacy, the dominant platform, the General Lee, the 4-inch iPhone, and much more.
  • The Talk Show podcast

    86: Well-Intentioned Scumbags


    John Gruber and Dan Benjamin discuss Instagram for Android, Papermill (Instapaper for Android), iPhone wifi utilization, the iPad hotspot, the Lumia 900, the Mac Pro's future, and Readability.
  • The Talk Show podcast

    85: Pre-Amplified


    Jim Dalrymple is back with Dan Benjamin to talk about journalist responsibility in the wake of Warmgate, international 4G and things Apple didn't think of, patents and trademarks and how much care Apple gives them when naming products, guitars, domains, and a major announcement.
  • The Talk Show podcast

    84: Daisey, Daisey, Give Me Your Answer, Do


    John Gruber and Dan Benjamin discuss how dinosaurs publish digital magazines, the speed and signal of LTE on the new iPad, and the Mike Daisey fiasco.
  • The Talk Show podcast

    83: The King's Thumb


    John Gruber and Dan Benjamin discuss the pixels, speed, and battery of the new iPad and how they make it much more than a simple update, the iPad event, tradeoffs in iPad and iPhone design, and how to handle being spotted with a prototype in public.
  • The Talk Show podcast

    82: Not Your Normal Beard


    John Gruber is on vacation so Dan Benjamin is joined by Jim Dalrymple of The Loop to discuss Apple rumors, 20 years of publishing and following Apple, the new iPad, iPhoto, the future of Apple, and much more.
  • The Talk Show podcast

    81: Coffee and Trucker Pills


    John Gruber and Dan Benjamin talk about whether Michael Knight's keyboard could replace the Apple Extended Keyboard, the upcoming iPad event and potential software demos, the future of One More Thing, whether Siri and LTE will come to iPad 3, and who will be on stage.

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