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The Soul Collective

The Soul Collective show is a place where we navigate this human experience and raise our planetary frequency collectively. Together, we heal, grow, expand, and activate our own inner light by alchemizing programming to look outside ourselves, remembering the deep reservoir wisdom that resides within. On The Soul Collective, host Emily Ghosh Harris explores spirituality, mysticism, and healing, connecting with global new thought leaders and providing actionable insights and tools to help transcend self-limiting beliefs, raise your personal vibration, and to shine bright! IG: @emilyghoshharris

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  • The Soul Collective podcast

    Shift Your Energy, Shift Your Life with Shasheen Shah


    In this soul share with Shasheen Shah we examine the true meaning of success from the soul's perspective. It can be challenging at times to follow our own unique inner blueprint. This conversation explores the benefits of trusting yourself and following your own evolutionary path of growth and ascension.  We connect on: - Tools and practices to shift your vibration - Being Energy oriented versus Goal Oriented - Keys to developing emotional intimacy  - What is the Emotional Mastery Process (EMP) and how can we put it into practice in our lives? - Exercises to get out of your comfort zone  - Shasheen's measures for living a life of alignment and integrity About Shasheen Shah Shasheen Shah is the CEO and Founder of Coherent Strategies. For 25 years, he has led high-achieving CEOs and maverick entrepreneurs through the Emotional Mastery Process (EMP). Shasheen is the author of the Kid & the King: The Hidden Inner Struggle High Achievers Must Conquer to Reignite and Reengage with Life.  He is dedicated to the ability to gracefully navigate and find coherence and integrity in all aspects of life. Resources: Shasheen Shah Website: Shasheen Instagram: Emily Ghosh Harris Website : @EmilyGhoshHarris (IG)
  • The Soul Collective podcast

    Awaken to Your Own Divine Nature with Renowned Channel Paul Selig


    On this episode, I connect with one of my all time favorite spiritual authors Paul Selig. Paul and The Guides help us to understand the turmoil we are moving through as a collective and how we can choose to ascend to the Upper Room, awakening to our own divine nature.  We connect on:   - Letting go of limitation and fear  - What are attunements and how can they help us to ascend to the Upper room - What is the collective soul of humanity in agreement with at this time - How the Guides are teaching about manifestation - Knowing ourselves in our Highest Fullest expression  Paul Selig is considered to be one of the foremost spiritual channels working today. In his nine breakthrough works of channeled literature, including I Am the Word, The Book of Mastery, and the Beyond the Known Trilogy: Realization, Alchemy, and The Kingdom author and medium Paul Selig has recorded an extraordinary program for personal and planetary evolution as humankind awakens to its own divine nature. Resources: Paul Selig Website: Paul Selig Instagram: Emily Ghosh Harris Website : @EmilyGhoshHarris (IG)
  • The Soul Collective podcast

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  • The Soul Collective podcast

    Deepening the Connection with Soul Family + your Higher Self


    In this episode we explore how to deepening our relationship with our Higher Self and Soul Family which is something I've witnessed shift profoundly in my own reality and something that continues to evolve and transform as I set forth an intention and do the inner work which arises along the way. We are all so deeply interconnected and our journeys are so beautiful interwoven.  In this episode we explore - Letting go of the past - Connecting with your Higher Self - Being Open to Soul Family in all Forms - Healing the Mother Wound + Ancestral Trauma - Trusting and Creating as Source Connect with Emily:   Website |   Instagram |   YouTube | Subscribe to the Soul Collective Podcast:    iTunes |   Spotify |  iHeart Radio |   Stitcher |   Player FM |
  • The Soul Collective podcast

    Activating our Sacred Sensuality and Calling Back Life Force Energy with Mia Kafkios


    This beautiful soul share with energy therapist, channeller and spiritual coach, Mia Kafkios is an activation for fully embodying who you are and why you are here, activating sacred sensuality, calling back life force energy and connecting with the frequency of joy.    We connect on:    - Grounding and Going Deep thru all dimensions - Dealing with anxiety and negative energy - Awakening Your Divine Feminine + Masculine Energy  - Calling back our Life force currency - Activating our sacred sensuality    Mia Kafkios  For over 27 years, Mia has been working with assisting souls to step into their highest potential through different techniques as a energy therapist, trance channeler, business mentor, and healer. Her mission is to assist lightworkers in accessing their gifts, unlocking their life purpose, and embodying their highest  potential.   Connect with Mia Kafkios: Website | Instagram |   Connect with Emily:   Website |   Instagram |   YouTube |   Subscribe to the Soul Collective Podcast:    iTunes |   Spotify |  iHeart Radio |   Stitcher |   Player FM |
  • The Soul Collective podcast

    Dr. Linda Howe: Healing + Manifesting Through the Akashic Records


    This soul share with teacher, spiritual guide, and author, Dr. Linda Howe is all about exploring a more conscious connection with your own soul. For the past 25 years, Linda has been working in the dimension of consciousness known as the Akashic Records, an archive of our Souls’ past, present, and future possibilities. Learning how to access the records is a transformative process that can bring about tremendous healing, a richer connection with our innermost self,  more satisfying relationships with others, discovery of your soul’s purposes and manifestation of your deepest desires. We connect on: What are the akashic records? What are some consciousness-shifting tools and how can we experience healing through the akashic records? How are people be able to clear ancestral patterns and karma? How can we connect with the intentions and purposes of the soul? How can we manifest our soul’s purpose through the akashic records? How can people connect with their own records?  About Dr. Linda Howe Now in her third decade of spiritual teaching, Dr. Linda Howe is an award-winning author, teacher, and world-renowned leading expert in the field of Akashic Studies. She was the first person to bring the Akashic Records to the world community and make teachable access to the Records available to anyone with a desire to learn, starting in 1996. She founded the Linda Howe Center for Akashic Studies in Chicago in 2001, teaching thousands of people globally. Howe focuses on the Akashic Records as a spiritual resource for personal empowerment and transformation.  
  • The Soul Collective podcast

    How to Find Steadiness when the World Feels Unsteady with Rebecca Pacheco


    In this soul share with best-selling author Rebecca Pacheco we explore the myths and magic of mindful living. The spiritual path is not about knowing how to make everything okay or blocking out reality. Even when the world feels dramatically unsteady, it's about learning how to find steadiness within. And learning how to show up courageously for whatever life brings. Learning how to show up with love.  We connect on: - Morning rituals and mindfulness habits  - Tips for becoming an author and strengthening your writing practice - How to minimize distractions - Navigating change during a pandemic - Tools for challenging times - Finding joy and acceptance in the body you're in About Rebecca Pacheco Rebecca is a writer, teacher, and creative director with 20 years of experience telling stories, moving people (literally and figuratively), and collaborating with individuals and brands to create one-of-a-kind mind-body content and experiences. Her best-selling book Do Your Om Thing was published in 2015 by HarperCollins. It was named one of “the top ten yoga and meditation books every yogi needs” by Yoga Journal and is used in teacher training programs around the world. Connect with Rebecca Pacheco Website | Instagram |   Additional Resources: Sonia Renee Taylor: Drs. Lindsey and Lexie Kite: Katie Sturino:   Connect with Emily:   Website |   Instagram |   YouTube |   Subscribe to the Soul Collective Podcast:    iTunes |   Spotify |  iHeart Radio |   Stitcher |   Player FM |    
  • The Soul Collective podcast

    How to Raise Your Vibration and Increase your Self Worth with Helen Denham


    In this soul share, I connect with Helen Denham, podcast host, certified Behavior Change Specialist and women’s empowerment coach about how to raise your personal vibration, cultivate confidence, and share your authentic truth.  About Helen Denham Helen Denham is a women’s empowerment coach, writer, and singer. As a certified Behavior Change Specialist and Reiki II healer, her mission now is to embolden her community to design the lives they truly desire through mindfulness, energetic healing, and clear intention. Connect with Helen Denham: Website | Instagram |   Connect with Emily:   Website |   Instagram |   YouTube |   Subscribe to the Soul Collective Podcast:    iTunes |   Spotify |  iHeart Radio |   Stitcher |   Player FM |    
  • The Soul Collective podcast

    Steven Forrest: Evolutionary Astrology to better understand Love, Intimacy + Soul Purpose


    It's pretty surreal sitting down with Steven Forrest. His work has profoundly impacted my life - and the lives of thousands of people around the world with his books and teachings on astrology. Steven Forrest has such a poetic and captivating way of explaining astrology and the soul’s evolutionary journey that is fascinating for the seasoned astrologer as well as someone who has never explored it before. We connect on:  -what is evolutionary astrology? -the nodes and our soul’s mission -Chiron, the wounded healer, in our birth charts  -Relationships, sex and astrology -and we also talked about what indicators may potentially lend themselves to someone being a successful astrologer About Steven Forrest  Steven Forrest is an astrologer, author and lecturer. He is the author of nearly a dozen astrological books and one of the founders of the school of Evolutionary Astrology. THE OPRAH MAGAZINE describes his philosophy this way: "Forrest's approach . . . stops the blame game in its tracks. . . we're warriors fulfilling our turbulent evolutionary paths." Rob Brezny, in his popular Real Astrology column simply calls him “the most brilliant astrologer alive.” And Robert Downey, Jr. says, “I marvel at the accuracy of Steven’s readings. He insists that nothing is so grave as to be beyond repair, and correspondingly that there is no rainbow that won’t be evaporated by poor judgment in the now. I can’t recommend him highly enough.” Connect with Steven Forrest:  Website |   YouTube    Connect with Emily:   Website |   Instagram |   YouTube |   Subscribe to the Soul Collective Podcast:    iTunes |   Spotify |  iHeart Radio |   Stitcher |   Player FM |    
  • The Soul Collective podcast

    Steve Nobel: The Energetics of Growing a Conscious Business


    Whether you're considering starting a conscious business, have already embarked upon an entrepreneurial journey, or just interested in infusing more creative passion into the work you're doing in the world - this soul share is for you! Our businesses are merely a reflection of our energy and when we hit roadblocks or challenges in business, there is usually a deeper lesson being presented. Similarly, by tending to our own energy and engaging in a regular spiritual practice and whatever healing tools most resonate, it’s likely we'll be able to navigate the entrepreneurial realm (and life in general) with greater grace and ease.  In this soul share, we connect on: - How being an entrepreneur is a massive shift in consciousness - What it means to be a Starseed Entrepreneur - How to upgrade our thinking to align with a success - How to cultivate a prosperity mindset to attract clients and wealth - We'll also be talking about Balancing the left brain (masculine) qualities of logic, planning, strategic thinking and right-brain (feminine) qualities of imagination, intuition, creativity and trust; and, infusing Creativity and Play into your life and business - Your Relationship with Money and prosperity - Overcoming the fear of being Visible in the World.   About Steve Nobel  Steve Nobel is the  author of 5 non-fiction books, a spiritual teacher and a conscious business mentor. His YouTube channel, filled with spiritual wisdom, meditations and activations, has 130K subscribers and Over 13 Million views. He is the creator of a healing system called Soul Matrix Healing. and He regularly mentors clients through his Infinity Business mentoring group which is designed for individuals who are considering starting a conscious business or already engaged in a Spiritual Business. Through his service, he helps heart centered entrepreneurs to nurture and enhance the energy of their business, attract more clients, and expand income streams. Connect:  Website |   YouTube    Connect with Emily:   Website |   Instagram |   YouTube |   Subscribe to the Soul Collective Podcast:    iTunes |   Spotify |  iHeart Radio |   Stitcher |   Player FM |  
  • The Soul Collective podcast

    Courage To Share Your Authentic Truth and Shine Your Light


    This is a potent time energetically and astrologically to authentically share what is on our hearts.  That takes courage and trust. This soul share dives deep into the process of reclaiming the sovereignty and power that comes from living and sharing our authentic truth as well as steps we can take to shine our light and feel safe to living a life of greater transparency.  Connect with Emily:   Website |   Instagram |   YouTube |   Subscribe to the Soul Collective Podcast:    iTunes |   Spotify |  iHeart Radio |   Stitcher |   Player FM |

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