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The Sniff Perfume Podcast

Nicola Thomis

Welcome to The Sniff Perfume Podcast where we take a deep dive into things fragrance and scent related, shining the spotlight on niche and artisan perfumes, the creators and their stories.

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  • The Sniff Perfume Podcast podcast

    S2 E12 Superstar perfumer Aurelien Guichard


    Aurelien Guichard is one of France's top-flight perfumers. He has worked for brands like Nina Ricci, Guerlain, Gucci, Issey Miyaki and many more. Coming from a family who have been in and around the perfume industry for several generations, Aurelien talks about his life as a perfumer, as a grower of rose centifolia on his organic farm in Grasse, and as the head of his own perfume company, Matiere Premiere. We discover what is next for this vibrant brand, which showcases and overdoses a single main ingredient in each of their compositions and learn about life as one of the world's hottest talents today. 
  • The Sniff Perfume Podcast podcast

    S2 E11 Romy from modern brand 27 87


    In this episode we get to know sleek, sexy and modern brand 27 87 by talking to their founder, Romy, as she gets ready to launch the seventh fragrance in her line. We get hints on what to expect from the new release, and reminisce together about how lovely freshly made mint tea is!
  • The Sniff Perfume Podcast podcast

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  • The Sniff Perfume Podcast podcast

    S2 E10 Deconstructing a fragrance with Karen Timson


    In this episode I am joined by indie perfumer Karen Timson as we take a close look at one of her fragrances and break down the composition into individual facets. We also uncover some of Karen's scented memories and talk about what it takes to be an indie perfumer in the marketplace today. 
  • The Sniff Perfume Podcast podcast

    S2 E9 Fragrance Reviewing with Stephan Matthews


    I talk to acclaimed writer, Stephan Matthews, about fragrance reviews, the ethics of the reviewers and influencers, and what fragrances he goes back to time and again in the vast perfume market. We touch on some challenging topics in this episode and there is one instance of minor swearing. 
  • The Sniff Perfume Podcast podcast

    S2 E8 Disconnection in the time of a pandemic


    We speak to Omer Ipekci from renowned indie brand Pekji, who has launched a new project. Called Disconnect, this box landed at the start of the pandemic, and explores themes of disconnection in a world which was to become increasing disconnected, but it's not all bad news as we shall see - disconnection allows for interesting forms of reconnection.   Please note: due to some technical difficulties the sound on this episode isn't perfect. Apologies. Back to normal next week!
  • The Sniff Perfume Podcast podcast

    S2 E7 Jorum Studio


    Jorum Studio are one of Scotland's hottest perfume houses. Their fragrances are dynamic, unusual and seek to push raw materials well out of their usual tropes and cliches. We speak to the team behind Jorum Studio - Euan McCall and Chloe Mullen - about life perfuming Scotland's capital (and beyond). We discuss brand ethics, how they know what is elegant, how they work on their creative practice, and how Scotland itself helps shape the final scents. 
  • The Sniff Perfume Podcast podcast

    S2 E6 Perfume and brand reviews - favourites of The Sniff


    We look at memorable fragrances and brands, ones that really stick in the mind including scents by Angela Ciampagna, Neela Vermeire, L'Orchestre Parfum, Sarah Baker, Bedeaux, Karen Timson, January Scent Project, The House of Oud, Arquist, and Pierre Guillaume. 
  • The Sniff Perfume Podcast podcast

    S2 E5 Joelle Lerioux Patris from Le Parfumeur Francais


    What is life like as a working French perfumer in Grasse, the perfume capital of the world? We speak to Joelle Lerioux Patris, a talented and respected French perfumer about her life in Grasse, her creative process, where she finds inspiration and how she came to set up her business - Le Parfumeur Francais - which specialises in creating bespoke fragrances for clients around the globe. 
  • The Sniff Perfume Podcast podcast

    S2 E4 Sarah McCartney from 4160 Tuesdays


    Sarah McCartney, owner of 4160 Tuesdays, has to be one of the best known names in British perfumery. We talk to this industry maverick about how she set out to lift the lid on a secretive industry, what her creative process is like, how she still finds joy in fragrance and what's next for this well-loved British brand. 
  • The Sniff Perfume Podcast podcast

    S2 E3 Scent blotters


    Bet you've never really given much thought to scent blotters or scent strips, those little bits of cardboard or paper that you test fragrances on? We talk to Andy Hudson of Maximise Scent Marketing, one of the UK's leading suppliers of scent strips and find out about this overlooked facet of fragrance. 

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