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Maddie and Lauren Orlando

Welcome to The Sister Diary, hosted by Lauren and Maddie Orlando. These two sisters, despite an eight year age gap, find themselves navigating the same types of experiences and challenges in their lives. Lauren is an actress, YouTuber and an expert on all things social media. Maddie is an entrepreneur with a love of business, fashion, and a passion for self-development. In this show, listeners will hear unfiltered conversations on a wide variety of topics that both teens and young adults can relate to. Lauren and Maddie discuss everything from health wellness and beauty, to confidence, relationships and growing up on social media. They also bring on insightful guests and experts to provide the audience with additional knowledge, perspectives and values. For Lauren and Maddie, The Sister Diary is the space to be real, open and honest about what’s really going on with this sister duo. Welcome to The Fam!

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    Lauren's First Week at Boarding School and Our Trip to Italy (Part 2)


    Welcome back to The Sister Diary! This week, Lauren shares what her first week at boarding school was like. She talks about her new schedule, the challenges of living at school, how she likes having a roommate, and if she thinks that this year will successfully prepare her for university (or not). Maddie and Lauren also discuss the second part of the Orlando's trip to Italy, recapping their time in Tuscany. Finally, they make an important announcement about their plans for the future of the podcast.  Produced by Dear Media.
  • the sister diary podcast

    Recap of Our Family Trip to Italy - Why Lauren Stayed Home and Our Favorite Moments So Far (Part 1)


    This week, Maddie is recording live from Portofino, Italy, where she's joined by her dad, Dale, to recap their family trip in real time. They talk about why Lauren stayed behind in Toronto, share stories from the trip and discuss their favorite moments so far. Stay tuned for the rest of the recap on next Friday's episode!  Produced by Dear Media.
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  • the sister diary podcast

    How to Set Boundaries With Friends, Get Organized For Back to School, Find Your Passion (& More Advice)


    Welcome back to another TSD advice episode! This week, Maddie and Lauren discuss how to find your passion and figure out what you want to do after high school, tips to feel organized and motivated for back to school, managing boundaries with friends, and so much more. To take part in other episodes like this in the future, you can write in via DM to @thesisterdiary! PayPal: BetterHelp: Produced by Dear Media.
  • the sister diary podcast

    Sydney Johnson & Abbey Joy on Our Trip to Utah and How Our Friendship Dynamic Works


    This week, two of Maddie's best friends, Sydney and Abbey, join her on the podcast to recap their road trip to Utah. They also answer listener questions, discussing their friendship dynamic, each of their perfect days, and more. You can find them on Instagram @abbsjoy and @sydnneyjohnson. Produced by Dear Media.
  • the sister diary podcast

    Maddie and Lauren’s Favorite Things


    In this episode, Maddie and Lauren share their favorite things in every category, from makeup, to snacks, to workout classes. Produced by Dear Media.
  • the sister diary podcast

    24 Things I Learned At 24


    Today is Maddie’s 25th birthday! In this episode, she shares 24 lessons that she learned in her 24th year of life.  Listen to Maddie’s past birthday reflection episodes here: 23 Things I Learned At 23 and 22 Things I Learned At 22.  Produced by Dear Media.
  • the sister diary podcast

    26 Things You Need To Do Before Summer's Over


    Maddie and Lauren feel like they haven't made the most of their summer yet, so they came up with a "summer bucket list", or 26 activities that they want to do before August comes to an end. If you try any of their suggestions, leave them know by commenting on Instagram @thesisterdiary!  Produced by Dear Media.
  • the sister diary podcast

    Addressing Assumptions About Our Relationships, How We Make Money, Sharing Our Personal Lives & More


    This week, Maddie and Lauren are back for another assumptions episode! After a long life update, they dive into audience submitted assumptions. They address questions about whether or not they're in relationships, if they are introverts or extroverts, how they make money online and more. Thank you to everyone who participated in this episode!  You can use the code THESISTERDIARY for 25% off your Recess subscription.  Produced by Dear Media.
  • the sister diary podcast

    Heavy Manners Founder Lisa Caprio on Building a Celeb-Loved Fashion Brand Inspired by Childhood Nostalgia


    Lisa Caprio is the founder and designer of Heavy Manners, a New York City based, vintage-inspired apparel brand. Lisa’s iconic prints and adorably-named styles are loved by celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, Madison Beer, Hailey Bieber and more. Today, Lisa joins Maddie and Lauren to dive into the story of her success. She discusses how and why she started the brand, and shares why nostalgia for her childhood and her love for vintage movies, songs and clothing is at the basis of everything that she creates. Lisa also outlines the lessons that she has learned since starting Heavy Manners, in both her business and personal lives.  You can find Heavy Manners on Instagram at @heavymanners and online at  Produced by Dear Media.
  • the sister diary podcast

    More Random Things On Our Mind


    Join Maddie and Lauren for another episode in their "random things on our mind" series. In this episode, they discuss overthinking and managing your mental chatter, social media growth, summer plans, Lauren's move to boarding school and more. If you like these types of episodes, please leave a rating and review on Apple Podcasts and subscribe for more!  The book Maddie is reading is called The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer.  Produced by Dear Media.

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