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The Pet Business Coach

Eliza, Your Pet Business Coach

Business advice for entrepreneurs who love animals and want to start and run their own successful Pet Related Business.

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  • The Pet Business Coach podcast

    I just hired you, please don‘t leave!


    It’s been a roller coaster ride in the pet care industry over the past 18 months. Many of us saw a radical decrease in clients at the beginning of the pandemic followed by record levels of business in the last 4-6 months. We reacted as quick and as best we could to handle the surge and that generally involved hiring more people. You’ve worked hard in the past few months to find and hire great people, now what? How do you maximize the chances that they’ll stay with you?
  • The Pet Business Coach podcast

    Where are all the good candidates hiding?


    The pet care industry is booming right now and I’m guessing that you are hiring! That is great news but how’s it going, really? Are you optimizing where you’re looking for great candidates? Are the great people you find joining your team or are they flaking out on you? Are you really doing all you can to find the best people? We’re going to talk about that today!  
  • The Pet Business Coach podcast

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  • The Pet Business Coach podcast

    The Four Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris


    I recently read a book called the 4 hour workweek by Timothy Ferris that got me to thinking. Am I really doing all I can to optimize how I spend my time in my business? Are there things I’m not doing that I should be and just as or even more importantly, are there things I’m doing that I shouldn’t be. We’re going to talk about that and more today! 
  • The Pet Business Coach podcast

    Mid Year Goal Setting


    We’re mid way through the year and the goals you set way back in January are humming along or maybe they’re not. Maybe you’ve gone off in a totally different direction or maybe you’ve blown those original goals away already just halfway through the year. Today we’re going to talk about taking a look at your goals and doing some midyear course correction to allow you to continue making progress in your business.
  • The Pet Business Coach podcast

    Employees verses Contractors - Who do I Hire?


    As a pet care professional we can be a one man or woman show or we can make the jump to bringing on help. When we make that jump there are a ton of things to consider, not the least of which is do you hire independent contractors or employees. Today we’re going to talk about some pros and cons for each of these options that will help you make the best decision for your business.
  • The Pet Business Coach podcast

    Minimizing Anxiety in Your Furry and Human Clients


    As a pet care professional we tend to encounter unconditional love, wet sloppy kisses and tail wags which is awesome but we also tend to encounter stressed out animals. Today we’re going to talk about some ways you can make your pet and your clients more at ease during your interactions with them. You’ll learn to develop lifelong loyalty in your clients, both furry and human.
  • The Pet Business Coach podcast

    How to Write the Perfect SOP


    Spring is in the air and our thoughts turn to…. Cleaning! In our last episode we talked about spring cleaning for your business. Today we’re going to talk about dusting off and updating those SOPs! In this episode you’ll learn how to write procedures for your business that actually get read! And even better then that, get understood and implemented!
  • The Pet Business Coach podcast

    Spring Cleaning for Your Business


    Do you love to do Spring Cleaning? I do! Dusting out the cobwebs in my house after a long winter is extremely satisfying. The same is true for your small business. Business systems tend toward chaos but with a little Spring cleaning they can be brought back on track. In this episode we’re going to get out the broom and dustpan and show you how to get your business spic and span!
  • The Pet Business Coach podcast

    What to do 1st, 2nd and 3rd to launch you pet business dream


    Do you have a goal in 2021 to finally start that pet business you’ve been thinking about for what seems like years? You are ready to kick things off but what exactly does that mean? What’s your first step, second step and so on to actually launch a pet care business? Tune in to the latest episode to find out how to get going!!
  • The Pet Business Coach podcast

    Pet Business Trends for 2021 and How To Profit From Them


    We’re now fully into 2021. The pandemic isn’t over but it does feel different. It’s hard to know exactly what’s in store for us in 2021. I know this is daunting to pet business owners but take heart, there are some very real and very certain trends in the pet care industry. We’re going to talk about these trends as well as learn how you, as a pet business owner, can capitalize on them to drive your business forward for your best year yet.

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