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Are you interested in learning more about the trends and stories that develop in the payments industry? You’re in the right place. Find out exactly why The Payments Podcast will soon become your go-to source for anything you wish to know in the world of payments. Brought to you by Bottomline Technologies in partnership with Smart Payments

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  • The Payments Podcast podcast

    SIBOS: The Power of FI and Fintech Partnerships to Better Serve Customers


    A dynamic landscape and the unprecedented pace of change make for an exciting and demanding marketplace, increasing the need for Capacity, Cost, and Competition. James Hodgson and Tim Tor from NatWest talk with Chris Peck of Bottomline and Teresa Connors of Payment Matters about the effectiveness of partnerships and collaborations and the difference it makes in better-serving customers.
  • The Payments Podcast podcast

    CSDR – Harmonising Securities Settlement in Europe


    The European Commission is applying new directives and regulations to automate and harmonise how shares are traded and settled. Fred Viard, from our Swiss office, explains to financial institutions and securities management firms about the impact of the next milestone, SDR (the Settlement Discipline Regime).
  • The Payments Podcast podcast

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  • The Payments Podcast podcast

    Data Analytics in Treasury: The bedrock of better financial performance


    Bottomline’s Marcus Hughes shares with listeners his view on the intelligent use of data and analytics and how this drives improved financial performance for companies across their payables, treasury and receivable activities
  • The Payments Podcast podcast

    Developing A New Payments and Security Mindset


    As payments technology speeds up, fraudsters are champing at the bit to get a piece of the pie. Faster payments mean faster fraud. But what does this mean for businesses who are considering embracing real-time payments? What steps should they be taking to embrace digital trends whilst ensuring their payments are kept safe and secure in the process? Chris Gerda and Jessica Cheney share their insights and advice with our listeners.
  • The Payments Podcast podcast

    Process Transformation to Enable Real-Time Treasury


    During the pandemic and at the drop of a hat, treasurers worldwide had to offer insight into their company’s liquidity in real-time. Not easy when you’re pulling data from several sources, and often manually. Given new industry initiatives and technology advancements, treasurers can now access truly connected, real-time financial management. Kevin Grant shares his insight into the need for speed and how real-time liquidity and visibility can deliver greater intelligence to the business.
  • The Payments Podcast podcast

    Payments Digitization, catapulted by the pandemic


    With payments already trending towards automation pre-pandemic, a new virtual environment has pushed digitization into overdrive. In this episode, we speak to Gunita Bindra on how habits have accelerated and what this means for business payments.
  • The Payments Podcast podcast

    Readiness for Upcoming Regulations: Insights from the 2021 Business Payments Barometer


    Payment innovation should be classed as a win-win for organisations and consumers alike but actually 20% of small companies are unaware of any upcoming payment initiatives. This episode on the payment podcast reviews what insights the 2021 Business Payment Barometer had around regulation and industry initiatives such as Open Banking and ISO 20022. Download the full report at:
  • The Payments Podcast podcast

    Better Cash Forecasting for Treasury & SMEs - Insights from the 2021 Business Payments Barometer


    It’s no surprise that in the light of everything receiving money has become more important than ever for organisations of all sizes. The latest episode on the payments podcast reviews how organisations are managing their cashflow and how these changes depending on size of business. Download the full report
  • The Payments Podcast podcast

    The impact of COVID and Brexit on fraud: Insights from the 2021 Business Payments Barometer


    The challenge of fraud risk continues, as almost 1 in 2 businesses have seen an increase in insider fraud and collusion in the working from home environment. This episode on the Payments Podcast reviews what this year’s 2021 Business Payments Barometer revealed when it came to Payment Fraud and how businesses can take these insights to apply them to their business. Download the full report at:
  • The Payments Podcast podcast

    The 2021 Business Payments Barometer - discussed by experts from Lloyds Bank, ACT & FSB


    The 2021 Business Payments Barometer by Bottomline is 800 organisations of all sizes sharing what’s been important to them over the last year, and what will be vital over the next 12-months. Full of new regulation, trends and ways to get paid the latest episode on the Payments Podcast is experts from Lloyds Bank, ACT and the Federation of Small Business discussing their key takeaways from this year’s report, and the statistics they think businesses need to take notice of. Download the full report at:

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