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How I Went From Broke To Millionaire In 3 Steps | George Kamel x Jaspreet Singh

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Are you tired of feeling broke and stressed about money? In this eye-opening episode of the Minority Mindset Show, host Jaspreet Singh sits down with George Kamel, a millionaire investor who went from being dead broke and thousands of dollars in debt to achieving financial freedom in just 10 years.

Discover the three essential steps George took to transform his financial situation and mindset. He shares his powerful journey from growing up in an immigrant household with little financial education to falling into the trap of student loans and credit card debt. 

But George's story doesn't end there. By age 34, he became a millionaire by following a simple yet effective financial plan. He breaks down how budgeting, getting out of debt, building an emergency fund, and investing intelligently allowed him to build real wealth.

George also discusses the common money mistakes keeping many Americans broke, like car loans, credit card balances, and the belief that you'll always have a car payment. He shares a fresh perspective on contentment, marriage, and defining success beyond material things.

Whether you're a 16-year-old just starting your financial journey or an adult drowning in debt, George provides the no-nonsense advice and inspiration you need to get on the path to financial freedom.

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