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Keith Rabois, Founders Fund | The IO Podcast - Episode 2

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If there was a Mount Rushmore of Investors, Keith Rabois would definitely be on it.

Over his decades long career as both an investor and operator, Keith has had a hand in Silicon Valley unicorns like Square, Paypal, Airbnb and Youtube. In fact, he's aiming to be the 'Michael Jordan' of the investment world. Now, as a co-founder of Opendoor and Partner at Founders Fund Keith sits down with Tyler and Sterling and shares what he looks for in companies he invests in, what attributes a founder must have, why Elon Musk is wrong and takeaways from his career.


00:01:07 - Keith’s Investments & Becoming the Michael Jordan of VC

00:04:36 - Finding Your Strengths as an Investor or Operator

00:13:10 - The Traits & Characteristics of Successful Founders

00:18:25 - Launching OpenDoor and the role of storytelling in successful companies

00:24:41 - What Makes Founders Fund Unique

00:30:25 - How They Select Partners and Investments at Founders Fund

00:34:12 - Build A Ideologically Diverse Team For Success

00:41:00 - Common Bad Advice Given To Founders

00:53:08 - Live a Purposeful and Deliberate Life

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