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The Influential Personal Brand Podcast

Rory & AJ Vaden

Build and monetize your personal brand. This show is full of some of the best marketing tips for (aspiring) influencers, entrepreneurs, speakers, authors, coaches, executives, and anyone who wants to get their message out to more people. You’ll learn the strategies and tactics that any service-minded messenger can use to find their uniqueness and separate from all the noise to create more impact, influence, and income. Each episode is hosted by New York Times bestselling author and Hall of Fame Speaker Rory Vaden, and his wife, business partner and CEO of Brand Builders Group, AJ Vaden. Brand Builders Group is trusted by people like Lewis Howes (School of Greatness Podcast), Julie Solomon (The Influencer Podcast), and Chalene Johnson (Build Your Tribe Podcast) to provide personal branding expertise for themselves and/or their audiences.

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  • The Influential Personal Brand Podcast podcast

    Naren Aryal Recap: Highlights from the Interview


    In today’s special recap edition, Rory revisits his conversation with Naren Aryal on hybrid publishing and how it can help to optimize your Amazon books sales. Tuning in you’ll hear why Naren and his company Amplify Books, has become one of Brand Builders Group’s favorite partners, and the tremendous amount of work that goes into creating, publishing, and marketing any book. Rory also shares his top three takeaways and unpacks why books that make the bestseller lists are not necessarily the ones that are the best written, but whose authors have established the largest audiences. Tune in for lots of technical tips and insights into what it takes to become an Amazon bestseller! 
  • The Influential Personal Brand Podcast podcast

    Optimizing Your Amazon Book Sales With Naren Aryal


    Many authors find themselves struggling to choose between traditional publishing and self-publishing, whether to embrace the support system that comes with traditional publishing or the independence and ownership inherent to self-publishing. For them, hybrid publishing might be the happy middle ground they’ve been hoping for! In this episode, we get together with CEO, lawyer, and speaker, Naren Aryal to discuss hybrid publishing and what he has learned from over ten years in the industry. Naren is the CEO of two thriving hybrid publishing companies, Amplify Publishing and Mascot Books, and has helped countless authors publish and market their books. Listening in, you'll gain a deeper understanding of how hybrid publishing works. While this method requires an investment from the author, it supports them throughout the process and allows the author considerably more control as well as the bulk of the royalties. Naren gives a detailed account of the distribution process and how hybrid and traditional publishing can leverage their connections to access broader methods of distribution. Next, we delve into effective strategies for optimizing book sales on Amazon and how Amplify Publishing is able to help its authors sell successfully on Amazon. Naren also shares his insights on marketing through content, and why your book should be the culmination of a larger content strategy. Join us today for this fascinating look at the world of publishing, marketing, Amazon, and more! 
  • The Influential Personal Brand Podcast podcast

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  • The Influential Personal Brand Podcast podcast

    Craig Valentine Recap: Highlights from the Interview


    In today's recap episode, we look back on the amazing conversation we had with Craig Valentine, with Rory and AJ both revealing their top three takeaways. Craig is a master of the story and how to use stories to really engage an audience, and it was hard to narrow our list down, but we managed! Craig talked about why it is not enough to just 'get ready' and that, as a brand builder and storyteller, you need to 'stay ready' for whatever opportunity may come knocking. He also emphasized the need for conflict in any story you are trying to sell. We highlight the points Craig made about character dialogue and using repeatable statements before touching on the idea of our dreams not being for sale and why you should sell a result than a product. To hear all the details on all of these great takeaways, tune in today! 
  • The Influential Personal Brand Podcast podcast

    Masterful Storytelling with Craig Valentine


    In 1999 our guest, Craig Valentine, became the World Champion of Public Speaking and subsequently learned a lesson that he has carried with him throughout his career: that he could no longer ‘get ready to speak’ he had to ‘stay ready to speak’. Craig has built his career on his exceptional acumen as a public speaker, his presentation skills, and his prolific coaching. He runs a prodigious coaching certification program called World Class Speaking, in addition to the Speak and Prosper Academy, and is the author of The Nuts and Bolts of Public Speaking. In our conversation with Craig, we dive straight into his passion for public speaking and how he discovered that ‘staying in your lane’ is not necessarily the best advice. Listening in you’ll glean key insights into the art of storytelling and why it is integral to effective public speaking. Learn why conflict is the most important part of storytelling and how escalating conflict can elevate a good story into a great one. We also delve into the intricacies of dialogue, why it’s important, and how it offers rich opportunities for humor and connection with your audience. Later, Craig breaks down how he combines storytelling and messaging to reach his audience, and why his approach to storytelling varies depending on the situation. Tune in today for an engrossing and highly informative episode as we see phenomenal storytelling in action! 
  • The Influential Personal Brand Podcast podcast

    Marley Jaxx Recap: Highlights from the Interview


    In today’s special recap edition, Rory revisits his conversation with Marley Jaxx on the world of video content and how to take your online presence to the next level. With the majority of us having a camera readily available on our smartphones, creating video content has become more accessible than ever before. Tuning in you’ll hear about how to take advantage of the power of video content and why YouTube is uniquely suited to marketing, thanks to its search engine optimization and sophisticated algorithm. Rory shares his top three takeaways from his conversation with Marley and elaborates on both her technical and psychological advice for putting yourself out there. Make sure you tune in to this essential episode on the power of video content and the future of marketing your personal brand! 
  • The Influential Personal Brand Podcast podcast

    Video Content System with Marley Jaxx


    Creating video content can be intimidating. You need to decide which camera you’re going to use, what you should be talking about, and even after you’ve filmed your footage you’re still faced with figuring out your editing process. In today’s episode, we are joined by Marley Jaxx, to help us better understand the world of video content and answer our many questions about how to start a digital video journey and take our video content to the next level. Marley is an entrepreneur and acceleration coach who boasts over 1.8 Million views on YouTube. She has shared the stage as a public speaker with the likes of Tony Robbins, Russell Brunson, and Frank Kern. In our conversation with Marley, we dive straight in with our most pressing questions on starting a YouTube channel and how to optimize your content. Listening in, you'll hear why the best camera is the one you already have, why search engines are an excellent resource for finding topics, and why it’s so useful to hire someone for the editing process. Marley expands on key concepts like ‘curiosity hooks’ and how to use them to optimize viewer engagement. She also shares some of her key tips, like when to employ a call to action in your videos, how to get the most out of the editing process, and how to gain leads from your content. We loved having Marley on the show and can’t wait to see what she does next. Join us today for this essential conversation on taking your video content to the next level! 
  • The Influential Personal Brand Podcast podcast

    Celinne Da Costa Recap: Highlights from the Interview


    In this special recap episode, we reflect on our interview with Celinne Da Costa, a story architect who has worked with countless leaders and entrepreneurs over her eventful career. We discuss how her disarming wisdom and insight offer a fresh appreciation for the internal work necessary to live a happy and successful life. Listening in, you'll hear Rory and AJ share their top three takeaways from the interview and how it applies to Brand Builders Group and their services. Learn how identifying your uniqueness is integral to your personal brand and why so many people struggle to see how accomplished they are. For all this and much more, tune in today! 
  • The Influential Personal Brand Podcast podcast

    Moving Past Limiting Beliefs


    Imposter syndrome and limiting beliefs about yourself can affect a wide array of people, even successful leaders and entrepreneurs, yet so often we don’t recognize the internal work that needs to be done and end up chasing external goals instead. Our guest today, Celinne Da Costa has seen this time and again in her work as a story architect working with countless leaders and entrepreneurs. As a brand story expert and self-actualization coach, she helps visionary entrepreneurs not only tell but become the greatest story they ever told. In our conversation with Celinne, we discuss how she helps individuals identify and overcome unconscious beliefs about themselves in order to connect with the story of their true selves. She breaks down the four-step process that she uses with clients to unlock, embody, design, and amplify their true stories. We also discuss how limiting beliefs can cause you to undermine your own success and why conditioning is at the heart of why so many of us are cut off from our true purpose. Join us today for all this and much more! 
  • The Influential Personal Brand Podcast podcast

    Mike Michalowicz Recap: Highlights from the Interview


    In the world of digital marketing and social media, capturing and maintaining the attention of potential customers can seem like an impossible task. In this special recap episode, we revisit our conversation with Mike Michalowicz, a master in the art of gaining instant attention in marketing. Rory and AJ identify their biggest takeaways from their conversation with Mike and elaborate on how they see the lessons reflected in their own business. Listening in, you’ll hear us discuss what small businesses can learn from one another, why marketing is essentially neuroscience, and how pattern interruption is crucial for effective marketing. We also give a shout-out to some of our favorite marketing campaigns and discuss how to take your marketing to the next level. Make sure you tune in today for this quick and informative recap episode! 
  • The Influential Personal Brand Podcast podcast

    Gaining Instant Attention with Mike Michalowicz


    In today’s episode, we are joined by one of the world’s foremost thinkers on entrepreneurship, Mike Michalowicz. Mike is a best-selling author of renowned titles like Fix This Next, Clockwork, and Profit First. He also worked as a small business columnist for The Wall Street Journal and as a makeover specialist on MSNBC. Mike has considerable experience in the world of business, having established, built, and sold two successful companies by the time he was 35 years old. He is also an international speaker and has traveled across the globe to speak at conferences and events for entrepreneurs. In our conversation with Mike, we discuss his new book Get Different: Marketing That Can't Be Ignored! and delve into why he saw a need for this content. Mike breaks down some of the key concepts and strategies from his new book as well as some of the most common mistakes small businesses make when it comes to marketing. We hear from Mike about why small businesses need to reframe how they view marketing as well as the crucial psychological insights that inform his methodology. We loved having Mike on the show and we’re sure you will find the conversation every bit as fascinating as we did! For all this and much more, tune in today! 

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