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EntreMusician Robin Williams, Sr. hails from Philadelphia, PA. He is a Songwriter, Drummer and Music & Movie Producer. Robin is the C.E.O of Ronaj Movie Productions, LLC; who along with wife Karen Moore make up the hit production team Poetik Sol.

Recently teaming up with Filmmaker Monet Spencer of Daphne Pictures, they’ve created an incredible documentary on the life of famed gospel singing icon, entitled “The Legendary Marion Williams,” currently airing on Amazon Prime. Robin is the son of Marion Williams.

In this episode, the trio discusses the formulation, process and behind the scenes making of this incredible documentary, which appeared at the Cannes Film Festival and continues to gain ground, while keeping busy in their individual endeavors.

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00:00 – Show Open

01:28 – Robin – Who was Marion Williams?

03:36 – Robin – Musicianship and Experience

10:28 – Introduction of Amber and Karen

12:48 – Karen – How Did You meet Robin?

15:42 – How Married Musicians Work Together

18:51 – Amber – Approaching Marion Williams

21:36 – Amber – Formative Years

23:09 – Trio -Beginning  The Project

28:18 – Karen – On Working With Amber

31:10 – Jere – On the Excellence of the film

32:48 – Trio – Placing The Project

41:16 – Amber –Daphne Pictures

44:01 – Robin / Karen – I am the Colour Beautiful

48:15 – Robin –Poetik Sol

52:17 – Show Close




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